A complete, powerful development environment.

Create your app on the desktop, then run on your device.

Target iOS, Android, Desktop and more
Develop on Windows or Mac OS
Rapid, Easy Development
Tight integration with Apache Cordova and PhoneGap Build
Royalty free distribution
Lots of sample code
Program in JavaScript or BASIC
Subset of VB with
mobile device extensions
Great performance
Educational Program

helps kids develop real programming skills.

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للطلاب والمعلمين بالمملكة العربية السعوية احصل علي النسحة الكاملة من اب ستوديو

What people say about NSB/AppStudio

"It's a fantastic tool. Many thanks." -- John Elliott

"The thing you did is revolutionary. I started to learn objective-C and gave up (it doesn't make ANY sense!), started the Xamarin tutorial and downloaded all the package, here i can program on any mobile platform, i can do almost everything, thank you. Thank you for this amazing product! you've changed my life. " -- Abdalla Abderràzek

"This is a very nice approach to produce a development system that's not as intimidating as Apple's XCode / SDK" -- Vijit Coomara

"I just started examining NS Basic and am very impressed by the universe of platforms and devices which can be reached by it as well as by the good workflow which can be achieved by it." -- Dr. Manfred Zindel

"I must say, if the level of support I have been getting is what everyone else is getting, then it is gratifying to find such kindness." -- Mick McManus


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AppStudio 7.0 Released!

New features include Bootstrap 4, GitHub, Multifile projects and must more!

Programming Contest Results are In!

Awards for the best Business, Fun and Education Apps.

More than 2 million students learn AppStudio.

Mobile device programming is now a required part of the Saudi High School curriculum.