• VB for Mobile Devices
  • Rapid, Easy Development
  • iPhone, iPad, Android and More


is a complete, powerful development environment. Create your app on your desktop, then run on your device.

  • Develop on Windows or Mac OS
  • Create apps for iOS, Android, Desktop and more
  • Supports jQuery Mobile, jqWidgets and more!
  • Great performance
  • Program in JavaScript or BASIC
  • Subset of VB, with mobile device extensions.
  • PayPal, Adsense, Facebook and Twitter support
  • SQLite
  • Ajax, Geolocation, Google Maps, Accelerator, etc.
  • Uses HTML5
  • Royalty free distribution
  • Tight integration with PhoneGap
  • Lots of sample code
  • Complete Wiki Documentation

Latest News

New PhoneGap Tutorials!

How to build native apps with PhoneGap for iOS and Android.

NSB/AppStudio on Sale!

NSB/AppStudio is available for $99.95 - save $50.00! Take advantage of us today!


What people say about NSB/AppStudio

"I can definitely see Basic programmers eating it up."-- Review on DaniWeb

"I really think you are on to something great!"-- Fred Borsdorf

"This is a very nice approach to produce a development system that's not as intimidating as Apple's XCode / SDK"-- Vijit Coomara

"I think that people who normally code in Visual Basic and other Visual tools will love this."-- Thomas Gruber