NSB/AppStudio adds PhoneGap support

Developers can now submit to Apple's App Store and Google Marketplace

February 08, 2011 -- NSB Corporation today announced support for PhoneGap. PhoneGap compiles web apps as native packages which can be submitted to the major app stores, as well as providing additional APIs.

"Apps created with NSB/AppStudio have always been easy to distribute.", said George Henne, President of NSB Corporation. "The ability to submit them to Apple's App Store and the Google Marketplace greatly expands the reach of developers."

NSB/AppStudio is a complete, easy to use BASIC development environment for iOS and Android devices, with a familiar look and feel. NSB/AppStudio provides a full, modern implementation of BASIC, with proper subroutines, user defined data types and event driven execution. The development environment runs on a Windows desktop.

"We're very pleased to see NS Basic support for PhoneGap. This IDE will certainly help a lot of developers who don't want to jump into the nitty-gritty of HTML and JavaScript. We're also excited that the large community of NS Basic will be able to benefit from and contribute to PhoneGap," said Andre Charland, Nitobi CEO.

PhoneGap also adds additional APIs to NSB/AppStudio. New functionality includes the compass, camera, contacts, files and notifications.

NSB/AppStudio includes over 150 statements and functions. Support is provided for SQLite, geolocation, graphics and more. A full set of standard screen input and output objects and dialog boxes are included. A 200 page Handbook, Tutorials and lots of sample code are included.

The environment features a Design Screen, which allows you to graphically lay out your objects, set their properties and write code that responds to and controls them.

The execution framework is based on JavaScript, HTML5 and WebKit. While knowledge of these technologies is not required, they give NSB/AppStudio considerable power under the hood. They also give NSB/AppStudio apps portability to platforms supporting these technologies.

The product is available immediately for download from the company's website. Normally priced at $149.95 USD, it is available at an introductory price of $99.95. There is no charge for PhoneGap.

More about NSB's Tools

NSB's tools let VB developers to use their experience to develop applications for iOS, Android, Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Palm OS devices. They provide a complete, powerful development environment enabling the creation of applications for the enterprise, business, personal productivity and education.

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NSB Corporation's tools are the most widely used third party tools for handheld devices. NSB Corporation has been a leading creator of development tools for handheld devices since 1993. Close to 20,000 developers in over 80 countries use NSB's tools for iOS, Android, Palm OS and Windows CE.

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