AppStudio Humanitarian Challenge

Save the World by Developing or Donating!

September 3, 2014 -- The number of smart phones in third world is growing at the almost the same rate as Malaria, Ebola, Tuberculosis and AIDS.

Nedzad Demirovic, an AppStudio user, had a great idea. Could we motivate our developer community to create some great apps to help people? He made a generous contribution to get this started. We here at NSB Corporation have matched it, and we’re looking for more.

We are organizing a Challenge for the best mobile application that will warn and educate users how to avoid the threats of diseases in the friendly game like manner.

$2,000.00 USD (and growing...)

Participate as a Developer

You may enter as a team or individual. Multiple entries are allowed. Apps must be written using NSB/AppStudio and run on iOS and Android devices. Google Glass is allowed. Web Apps and native apps are equally acceptable.

Prizes will be judged by a team of doctors and developers selected by NSB Corporation. Decisions will be arbitrary and final. Prize money may be awarded to more than one entry at the discretion of the judges.

Send your entry (and any questions) to

Participate as a Donor

Want to help create great humanitarian apps, but don’t have time to make one yourself? Add to the prize money by clicking on the Donate button below. Let us know if you want your contribution to be anonymous.

If you know a person or organization which might be interested in contributing, please encourage them. Got questions or want to get involved? Send them to

100% of the donations will be awarded - no administrative fees will be deducted.

Deadline: December 1, 2014

Legal Stuff

We will accept participants and donors from anywhere, worldwide. You are responsible for conforming to any legal and tax requirements in your own jurisdiction.

More about AppStudio

AppStudio is a complete, easy to use development environment for mobile devices. BASIC and JavaScript are supported as development languages. The development environment runs on Mac OS or Windows.

AppStudio includes over 150 statements and functions. Support is provided for SQLite, geolocation, graphics and more. A full set of standard screen input and output objects and dialog boxes are included. A handbook, tutorials and lots of sample code are included in Wiki form.

The execution framework is based on JavaScript, HTML5 and WebKit. While knowledge of these technologies is not required, they give AppStudio considerable power under the hood. They also make AppStudio apps portable to platforms supporting these technologies.

With support for jQuery Mobile, Basic, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 and PhoneGap, AppStudio is a complete and easy to use mobile development tool.

The product is available immediately for download from the company's website. A single user license is available for $99.95 USD, and includes both the Mac OS and PC versions. Enterprise and Education licenses are also available.

AppStudio lets JavaScript and VB developers use their experience to develop applications for iOS and Android devices. It provides a complete, powerful development environment enabling the creation of applications for the enterprise, business, personal productivity and education.

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