NSB inks deal with Saudi Ministry of Education

All high school students to learn how to program mobile devices.

December 9, 2014 -- NSB Corporation announced today that it has signed an agreement with Tatweer Education Holding Company, part of Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Education. NSB will supply its NSB/AppStudio Education Edition for use in teaching high school students how to program.

The agreement allows Tatweer to install AppStudio in all high schools in Saudi Arabia. There are some 30,000 schools in the country.

Saudi High School students are required to take two terms in programming. The first term covers basic programming. The second term, using AppStudio, teaches programming for mobile devices. Approximately 450,000 students will be learning mobile device programming per year: over the 4 year life of the agreement, over 1.8 million students will learn how to program.

"Students learn best when they're doing what they love." said George Henne, President of NSB Corporation. "Making their own apps for smartphones will engage them and, hopefully, hook them on programming."

Training is already underway, with the first term scheduled to complete in January 2015. The Ministry developed its own curriculum in Arabic for the course. The AppStudio IDE was enhanced to provide Arabic language and right-to-left text support.

More about NSB/AppStudio

AppStudio is a complete, easy to use development environment which lets JavaScript and VB developers use their experience to develop applications for iOS and Android devices. It provides a complete, powerful development environment enabling the creation of applications for the enterprise, business, personal productivity and education.

AppStudio includes over 150 statements and functions. Support is provided for SQLite, geolocation, graphics and more. A full set of standard screen input and output objects and dialog boxes are included. A handbook, tutorials and lots of sample code are included in Wiki form.

The execution framework is based on JavaScript, HTML5 and WebKit. While knowledge of these technologies is not required, they give AppStudio considerable power under the hood. They also make AppStudio apps portable to platforms supporting these technologies.

With support for jQuery Mobile, jqWidgets, Basic, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 and PhoneGap, AppStudio is a complete and easy to install toolchain.

The product is available immediately for download from the company's website. A single user license is available for $99.95 USD, and includes both the Mac OS and PC versions. Enterprise and Education licenses are also available.

About NSB Corporation

NSB Corporation's tools are among the most widely used third party tools for handheld devices. NSB Corporation has been a leading creator of development tools for handheld devices since 1993. Over 200,000 developers in over 80 countries use NSB's tools.

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