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NS Basic/CE


This product has been retired.

"This is one very hot product." - Jim Karabatsos, Australian Visual Developers Forum

"This is phenomenally cool!"
- Scott Henson, Microsoft

"NS Basic/CE Version 8 is the version we've all been waiting for. At long last, the NSBasic that has always bested Visual Studio in ease of use now trumps it in single-exe runtime simplicity and built-in app installer generation. These new self-contained features make NSBasic the undisputed champion of Windows Mobile development, hands down. Every time I give Visual Studio a shot at the title, I end up coming back to NSBasic." - Bob Hodges, Microsoft

"Wow: This is becoming a broken record for me but I keep saying this when NSBasic releases a new version. Great Upgrade!!!!" Bob Katayama, Microsoft MVP

Develop where you want to!
NS Basic/CE lets you develop great apps in Basic on your desktop or directly on your device! See how easy it is to use!

NS Basic/CE is "Powered by Windows CE"Powered by Microsoft Windows CE Logo
The independent test lab Veritest has tested NS Basic/CE against Microsoft's "Powered by Windows CE" logo requirements. We passed!

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