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Press Releases

May 26, 2009 NS Basic/CE 8.0 Released
Updated Interface and automatic installers!
Jan 15, 2008 NS BASIC Announces Winners of 2007 Programming Contest!
Top entries show off NS Basic's Abilities!
Oct 23, 2007 NS BASIC Announces 2007 Programming Contest!
Cash Prizes in multiple categories!
May 08, 2007 NS BASIC Announces new Services offerings
Special pricing for former AppForge customers
Mar 07, 2007 NS Basic/CE German Edition Released!
Easy to use development tool adds a new Language
Mar 07, 2007 NS Basic/CE Deutsche Edition jetzt erhältlich!
Einfach zu bedienende Entwicklungsumgebung jetzt auch als Deutsche Edition
Dec 14, 2006 NS Basic/CE 7.0 Released
Supports Windows Embedded 6.0 and Vista
Sep 27, 2006 NS BASIC Announces Winners of 2006 Programming Contest!
Top entries show off NS Basic's Abilities!
Jul 12, 2006 NS BASIC Announces Programming Contest!
Top prize is a Samsung Q1 UMPC!
Jun 22, 2006 e-PocketSetup Express for NS Basic/CE Released!
Comprehensive, easy to use installer at a special price.
May 25, 2006 NS Basic/CE 6.5 Released
Adds new features and usability improvements.
Mar 08, 2006 NS Basic/CE adds support for SQLite!
Easy to use development tool now has easy to use database.
Jan 04, 2006 NS Basic/CE now supports Palm Treo 700w smartphone!
Powerful development tool can be used on device or on desktop.
Oct 19, 2005 NS BASIC awarded Gold Level Status in Microsoft Embedded Partner Program
Identified as best-of-breed Independant Software Vendor
Oct 05, 2005 NS Basic/CE 6.0 Released!
Adds support for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices
May 17, 2005 NS BASIC Announces Results of Programming Contest!
Winners selected for NS Basic/CE and NS Basic/Palm
May 11, 2005 NS BASIC Announces Support for Windows Mobile 5.0!
Supports new Pocket PC devices
Mar 01, 2005 NS Basic Announces Programming Contest!
Deadline is March 31, 2005
Feb 22, 2005 NS Basic/CE Announces Version 5.1
Now supports Windows CE.NET 4.2 devices
Nov 16, 2004 NS Basic/CE named Best Developer Tool!
In Pocket PC 2004 Awards!
Jul 06, 2004 NS Basic/CE 5.0 Shipping!
The easiest way to program Windows CE devices gets better!
Jul 10, 2003 NS Basic/CE for Windows Mobile 2003 Shipping!
NS BASIC Provides Easy To Use Development Tools For Powerful New Devices
Apr 02, 2003 NS Basic/CE Wins Microsoft Award!
Named Microsoft Mobile Solutions Challenge - Best Development Tool
Mar 17, 2003 NS BASIC announces Contest Result!
All entries are serious applications which take a full advantage of powerful Pocket PCs.
Jan 16, 2003 NS BASIC announces 2nd Progamming Contest!
We welcome all NS Basic/CE programmers to participate in the contest.
Oct 04, 2001 NS Basic Announces Development Tools for the Pocket PC 2002
NS BASIC Provides Easy To Use Development Tools For Powerful New Devices
Jan 30, 2001 NS BASIC 3.2 for HPC 2000 Shipping
Takes advantage of the rich feature set of the Windows CE operating system.
Aug 01, 2000 NS BASIC Desktop IDE Released!
The NS Basic/CE Desktop makes it easier than ever to write programs for Windows CE.
Feb 23, 2000 NS Basic 3.0 for Pocket PC Announced!
Features extensions providing visual objects, serial and WINSOCK communications, file I/O and more.
Feb 23, 2000 NS BASIC announces results of Programming Contest!
Results have come in from all over the world.
Nov 23, 1999 Internet Controls added to The Big Red Toolbox!
P*Works makes easy to add internet functionality to NS Basic/CE apps.
Oct 05, 1999 The Big Red Toolbox Comes to the Rescue!
A set of extensions to the NS Basic/CE development environment.
Jul 28, 1999 NS Basic/CE 2.1 now shipping!
Has over 3 dozen enhancements, changes and fixes
May 20, 1999 NS Basic/CE 2.0 now shipping!
Has Visual Designer, Palm-size PC support
Apr 29, 1999 Pocket Outlook Interface Available for NS Basic/CE
Has Visual Designer, Palm-size PC support
Feb 01, 1999 NS Basic/CE for the latest version of Windows CE for the Palm-size PC Announced
NS Basic/CE helps open the power of the Windows CE platform to many more Palm-size PC developers
Jan 28, 1999 NS Basic/CE 1.10 For Jornada 820 Ships
NS Basic/CE is one of the first applications to be ported to this new device.
Dec 10, 1998 NS Basic/CE 1.10 Released
Brings a number of enhancements to the product, including new easy to use objects.
Oct 14, 1998 NS Basic/CE Nominated for Jolt Award
JOLT Product Excellence Awards are the magazine's annual tribute to the development tools.
Oct 12, 1998 NS Basic/CE for Windows CE Announced
Program BASIC Anywhere, Anytime


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