NS Basic/CE Programming Contest 2 Results

Feb 17, 2003

This was a very close contest. The two top entries battled to a virtual tie: they are excellent. They are also both very serious business programs, that show how powerful Pocket PC devices can be.

Congratulations to all the entrants! Due to the number of entries, we combined the groups.


Winner: RMRBank Suite of apps

Judge's Comments: These apps all really have to be considered together. They form a suite of personal accounting applications that are straightforward, easy to use and well laid out. There's a great deal of functionality here: this is not a trivial application.

RMRBank by RMR Software
RMRBank is probably the most comprehensive finance package available for the Pocket PC series of platforms. As well as the usual functions of Transaction storing and statement reconciling, Archiving, Standing Orders/Direct Debits and Categories, it also has full multi-currency support, full Quicken/MSMoney interoperability, optional password protection, filters and find modes. In addition it will automatically integrate with the other financially-based RMR programs such as RMRFuel and RMRInvest.


RMRCar by RMR Software
This program that allows you to keep track of your usage of a Company vehicle. Individual journeys, categorised as Business or Private, and any associated fuel purchases, are recorded and then at appropriate intervals reports can be printed or exported for claiming the expenses.


RMRExpense by RMR Software
This program allows you to keep track of your Expenses Accounts.  You can create multiple trips to record business expenses.   You define named trips with a vehicle rate and operating currency.   You can define categories for classifying expenses as meals, train, taxi etc.  You can then enter expenses or mileage distance of company car journeys, and the cost is automatically calculated from the vehicle rate.  The program also allows entry in foreign currencies, with conversion to the defined trip currency.  You can then reconcile entries when expenses are reclaimed and export the entries to a text file for importing into a spreadsheet or wordprocessor.  Reconciled trip expenses can then be archived, with a separate Archive screen allowing the history file to be viewed.


RMRFuel by RMR Software
This program allow you to track the fuel consumption and associated expenses for a number of vehicles. It also contains a reminder function for scheduled servicing/oil changes, safety checks etc. There is a  a statistical breakdown of the vehicle's performance, and it is fully configurable, allowing entry and/or display in miles/kilometers and litres/gallons(UK or US).


RMRInvest by RMR Software
This program allows you to keep track of the performance of multiple portfolios of shares, stocks or bonds. The main screen holds all the details of each investment, including latest price and total value of the portfolio. For each investment, and for the total value, a second screen is available which gives a graphical representation of the historical performance as well as an overall gain (or loss) figure.



Other Entries

HandEvent by John Malvey
HandEvent not only lets you view conference material on your PDA in an easy to use manner, but also allows you to interact with it as well. All the information is contained in a single application. No need to load and launch different applications for different types of conference material.

"This is my first app written with NSBasic CE and I still can't get over how easy it was to put together. With a portable keyboard I built the app right on my iPaq while commuting to work on the train. Very cool."

Judge's Comments: This is the best on device conference guide we've ever seen. Well laid out, easy to navigate, it has a wealth of information that is easy and fast to access.


HP32S by Zeev Hershcu, ISREAL
This program emulates many functions in the HP32s calculator.

Judge's Comments: This looks like a perfect replacement for this well known calculator.


RemMe2002 by Franco Epifani-Florence, ITALY
A wallet program to memorize informations, documents, pictures to check anywhere. Can be syncronized with the available Desk version.

Judge's Comments: An early version of a personal database app.