NS Basic/CE Programming Contest 2007 Results

December 31, 2007

Here are the results of NS Basic/CE Programming Contest 2007. Many entries show new ideas, neat tricks and high quality of design. We congratulate the winner and thank all participants for making this contest successful.

You don't need to be a licensed user of NS Basic/CE to try these out. Unless otherwise noted, they will run on any Windows Mobile device.

Some of the best entries do not appear at all. These projects are usually commercial, developed for a specific user. While they could quite easily win an award, the owners of the program prefer not to publicize the product. In these cases, we have no choice but to leave them out of this listing. It's a pity: there are some remarkable business apps out there.


Machinist's Toolbox by Tim Markoski
This program contains all the reference material a machinist will need - plus, it can help them quickly do the complex calculations that are needed to get the job done. "I've used several different development tools for the various handheld platforms. When it comes to bang for the buck and ease of use, NSBasic was the natural choice. Without it, our Machinist ToolBox PDA software wouldn't be the popular shop utility it has become."

Judge's Comments: This easy to use commercial grade application should be a big help to machinists. Forms are attractive and well laid out. There are versions for Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Palm OS.

This software is Commercial. Download

Other Entries (alphabetical order)

DidactCube by Guy Gendreau
This program allows you to view and solve Rubik's Cube on a Windows Mobile device. It offers tools to help you do a better job and teaches you the methods to solve the cube.

Judge's Comments: Cool! You can use gestures to manipulate the cube and it can calculate the quickest solution. Many cool options! (While this didn't affect the scoring, a native English speaker should help Guy with his translations - it will make the game much more accessable to others!)

This software is Freeware. Download

JKShopping by Jeff Kerr
Organises your shopping: keep lists of stores, recipes, shops and your shopping history.

Judge's Comments: Nicely done. Screens are clear and well organized; program is easy to use.

This software is Beta. Download

PicCard by Kentaman
A game of solitare for Windows Mobile. Sorry - no instructions in English, so the first challenge is figuring out the rules.

Judge's Comments: Appears to be nicely done. Has a variety of options to customize the appearance of the game.

This software is freeware. Download

Sudoku by Guy Gedreau
This game lets you create your own Sudoku squares and solve them, with levels from Easy to Devilish.

Judge's Comments: Easy to play. Has many of the same options as the author's DiDact game. Best on a device with a numeric keyboard.

This software is Freeware. Download

TokaiDo by Manganji
This is a program to manage the number of steps where every day of you walked. I display 55 pieces of ukiyoe prints of Hiroshige in terms of distance sequentially from Edo to Kyoto in fifty-three stages of the Tokaido yesterday when I input the steps that walked.

Judge's Comments: The Tokaido Road is a part of Japanese culture. This program lets you do a virtual walk, displaying the checkpoints based on the number of steps you take. It's a creative way to make exercise fun. Well done!

This software is Freeware. Download

Tricorder by Christian Wlatschka
A Star Trek Tricorder for your Windows Mobile device.

Judge's Comments: Good graphics and sound effects. Just the thing to bring to that next meeting: "Beam me up, Scotty! There is no intelligent life here."

This software is Freeware. Download


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