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eVB - NS Basic/CE Comparison

eVB NS Basic/CE
Version 3.0 6.5
Last Updated March, 2000 May, 2006
Next version None planned. No further development is being done by Microsoft. Actively being developed.
Development Environment Develop on desktop and download to Windows CE device or emulator. Develop directly on device or the desktop. Uses the latest Microsoft Device Emulator.
Prerequisites Windows NT (or later) required for emulator Windows 98SE (or later) required
Price Free (300 meg download) $149.95 (min 10 meg download)
Distribution of apps royalty free royalty free
Runtime Requirements VBScript.dll, pvbhost2.dll, pvbform2.dll, vbsen.dll, pvbdecl.dll VBScript.dll, Runtime.exe, MFC, OLE
Performance (Loops/sec, Ipaq 1910 Pocket PC 2003) 1850 29785 (faster is better)
Minimal Installation (WM 2003) 945K 278K (smaller is better)
Windows CE devices supported All Pocket PC, HPC/2000, HPC/Pro Palm-size PC using Windows CE 2.11.

Windows Mobile 2003 only supported with special download. Windows Mobile 5 not supported.

Same, plus Pocket PC Phone Edition and HPC.

Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5 are supported.

Many Windows CE 4.2 devices supported.

Visual Editor for controls? Yes Yes
Create exe file? No Yes
Custom app icon? No Yes
Statements On Error, Call, Do...Loop, Exit,For...Next, For Each...Next, If...Then...Else, Select Case, While...Wend, End, Randomize, Function, Sub, Const, Dim, ReDim, Erase, Option, Explicit, Private, Public, ReDim, Rem, Set Same
Additional NS Basic/CE Statements No direct equivalent.
Waitcursor can be done using API functions.
AddObject: Add visual and non visual controls

Print: simple print of data to screen

Bye: end program

SetMenu: create multi level menu

UpdateScreen: refresh contents of screen

WaitCursor: start and stop display of waitcursor

Chain: start a new NS Basic/CE program

ShellExecute: execute a program

SetFocus: Set focus to specified object

KillFocus: Don't have any object have focus

Functions Abs, Asc, Atn, Cos, Exp, Fix, Int, Log, Rnd, Round, Sgn, Sin, Sqr, Tan, Cbool, Cbyte, Ccur, Cdate, CDbl, Chr, Cint, CLng, CSng, CStr, Hex, Oct, Date, DateAdd, DateDiff, DateSerial, Date,Value, Day, Hour, Minute, Month, MonthName, Now, Second, Space, Time, TimeSerial Time,Value, Weekday, WeekdayName, Year, FormatCurrency, FormatDateTime, FormatNumber, FormatPercent, InputBox, MsgBox, DatePart, Filter, InStr, InStrRev, Join, Lcase, Left, Len, Ltrim, Mid, Replace, Right, Rtrim, Split, StrComp, StrReverse, String, Trim, UCase, Array, IsArray, IsDate, IsEmpty, IsNull, IsNumeric, IsObject, Lbound, TypeName, Ubound, VarType, CreateObject, ScriptEngine, ScriptEngineBuildVersion, ScriptEngineMajorVersion, ScriptEngineMinorVersion Same
Additional eVB Functions CreateObjectWithEvents: add non-visual control

DisconnectEvents: stop recognising events

LoadResString:get data from resource file

Use AddObject for objects.
No direct equivalent to LoadResString.
Additional NS Basic/CE Functions No direct equivalent Eval: execute a string as a function

Execute: execute a string as part of the program

PlaySound: play a wav file

Controls Checkbox, ComboBox, CommandButton, Err, Label, ListBox, OptionButton, PictureBox, TextBox, MSCECommDlg, MSCEComm, MSCEFinance, MSCEFile, MSCEGrid, MSCEImage, MSCEImageList, MSCEListView, MSCEPicture, MSCETabStrip, MSCETreeView, MSCEWinsock, POOM, ADOCE, PrinterCE, eVBUtil, IP*Works, S309PictureBox, S309Timer, S309UserNotification Same
Additional eVB Controls Line, Shape, Timer, MSCECommandBar The equivalents of these controls are contained in other NS Basic/CE controls.
Additional NS Basic/CE Controls No equivalents. Date, Time, DialogX, MGCE Scrollbars, MGCE Trackbars, MGCE VU Meter, MGCE Progress Bar, MGCE Popup Menu, MGCE Status Bar, MGCEListView, MGCEMail, MGCENet, MGCERichEdit, MGCERickInk, MGCE Treeview, MGCE Tray Image, MGCE Registry, MGCE API, MGCE Timer, MGCE RAS
Create Objects at runtime? No Yes
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