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NS Basic/CE Desktop IDE Tour


The Desktop Environment
The NS Basic/CE Desktop is a complete desktop Interactive Development Environment (IDE) for NS Basic/CE programs. You can enter, preview, run and debug your programs from within it. You can create programs for Window Mobile and Windows Embdedded devices.

At left is the toolbox. It contains icons that represent the standard controls that can be placed on a form. There's a full list of familiar controls, including General controls (PictureBox, TextBox, CommandButton, etc) and miscellaneous controls (TreeView, Winsock, Comm etc.) You can select any of these and place them on your form in the center of the CE Screen.

The center of the IDE is the Design Screen. It is a mock up of how your application will look when running on the device. Settings determine its screen size: the sample above is for a Pocket PC. You can click on any of the objects to view its properties.

At the top right of the screen is the Project Explorer. It lets you browse the project's forms. Clicking on a form will display it for editing.

Below the Project Explorer is the Property Window. The properties for the selected object on the current form are displayed. Properties each have editors to make it easy to set their values.

Below the main menu on the top of the IDE is the toolbar. It contains icons for common operations. These can be found in the menu as well.

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