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NS Basic/CE is a complete BASIC toolkit that lets you program on a Windows CE device or on your desktop. It uses Microsoft's standard VBScript engine as its core, combined with extensions to create a complete development and runtime environment. NS Basic/CE provides a full, modern implementation of BASIC, with proper subroutines, variant data types and no line numbers. VBScript is built into the ROM of many Windows CE devices, keeping memory requirements low.

Extensions provide support for file I/O, serial I/O, WINSOCK, financial functions, database I/O and a set of standard screen input and output objects and dialog boxes. Microsoft technologies such as ADO and ActiveX are supported. Applications you create are freely distributable and are write once, run anywhere. Includes a 200 page spiral bound Handbook and lots of sample code.

With NS Basic/CE, you'll have everything you need to create great apps - completely on your HPC. No cables, no desktop toolkits, no synchronization, no downloading - or on your desktop.


Program Basic on your Windows CE computer





  • File I/O
  • Serial I/O
  • Database support - ADOCE allows connection to the desktop
  • Internet access - Winsock
  • Standard dialog boxes
  • Input and output objects
  • Use custom and third party ActiveX Controls
  • Easy to use program editor
  • Royalty free distribution of your programs
  • Write once, run anywhere
  • 200 page H/PC sized handbook
  • Lots of sample code


  • Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC, Handheld PC, Handheld PC Pro, Handheld PC 2000, Palm-size PC (2.11)
  • Windows CE 2.x or later
  • 300K memory (minimum)
  • Microsoft ActiveSync (to install)

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