Embedded Device Support Program

August 4, 2004

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"Vielen Dank für den hervorragenden Service." ("Thank you for the outstanding service.") -- Johann Mitterhauser

Why do some devices need the Embedded Device Support Program?

NS Basic/CE comes with installers for standard "go to market" versions of Windows CE. These include:

While this includes nearly all consumer Windows CE devices, there are Windows CE devices with other versions of Windows CE. Rather than using an off the shelf configuration of Windows CE from Microsoft, the manufacturer has chosen to use Microsoft's Platform Builder to create their own configuration of Windows CE. Microsoft often refers to such devices as using Windows CE Embedded.

NS Basic's standard installers are carefully tested against Microsoft's standard configurations. A configuration that is custom built by a manufacturer will not be recognised by the standard installers.

To get NS Basic to work on a custom configuration, a new installer must be built and tested. Doing this will sometimes involve doing a special compile using the manufacturer's particular SDK for the device. In most cases, it is possible to get NS Basic to run. However, if the manufacturer has left critical components out of its build of the OS, NS Basic will be unable to run.

What are the advantages of NS Basic on an Embedded Device?

NS Basic/CE is a well proven, easy to use development environment. It has been shipping since 1998 and has thousands of users worldwide. Versions exist in English and Japanese, and it is easily customized into other languages.

NS Basic/CE allows you to develop on the desktop or on the device itself, which is especially useful on devices with keyboards. It has an easy learning curve, no runtime royalties and a low cost per developer. Memory requirements are also low.

What is the Embedded Device Support Program?

The Embedded Device Support Program is designed to port NS Basic/CE to custom configurations. The base price is $995 USD. For this, we will provide the following:

You will also need to provide us a device for testing. A deposit of $500.00 USD is required to get started; the balance is due on delivery. NS BASIC Corporation will make best efforts to get NS Basic/CE running on the device. If we are unable to do so, the $500.00 deposit refunded less our costs in attempting the port. We will certainly attempt to contact the manufacturer of the device to ask them to fix their configuration if there are problems.

If additional services are needed, work will be charged at an hourly rate, at NS BASIC's normal rate for such services.

If you have an potential need for the Embedded Device Support Program, please contact sales@nsbasic.com.

Program subject to change without notice.