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Kudos - Support for NS Basic

These are unsolicited comments from people who have used NS Basic/CE. The most recent comments are at the end of the file.

"Thank you for your integrity and prompt replies. It's a pleasure doing business with you. "-- Trevor Vigoren

"Thanks for your great service!" - Joel Starkman, Architect

"I wanted to thank you, I was at your place a last week and you installed the nsbasic program on my casiopia A-11. It's working great!" -- Dave Quesnelle, Senior Animator, Disney

"I want to thank you again for the quick and thorough feedback. This is giving me an incredibly favorable impression of your company." - Kevin Brennan

"Thanks... I just want to say you people are very much "on top of things" in the customer service department, and your product is really fun to use!!!! (I am a professional programmer). " - Peter Orkin

This software definitly is what I was looking for: A tool that enables me to build up rather complex applications in almost no time. It is a must have for every serious HP/C Pro user! And how the product so the support: Competent and VERY responsive. To put it simply: Excellent. Dr. Franz GEIGER, Austria, f.geiger© vol.at

"NSBasic products, and the service you provide, are really second to none, and I can't thank you enough for supporting the Jornada 820. If it weren't for NSBasic, then a lot of the applications I've written for making my life easier in using the device probably wouldn't exist, because I don't feel like investing the 700-800 USD for the full gamut of Microsoft's tools. I have nothing but good to say about your product, and I will continue to enthusiastically commend it, to all of my friends and professional colleagues!" -- Bill Stivers

"If your NS Basic program is as good as your web site then WOW!!!! Microsoft should visit your web site to get an idea of what their customers really want. Information, responses to questions, development ideas. " -- Mark Grahame, Australia

"Thanks very much for your help! You all definitely get an A+ for customer service. (As well as an A+ for a great product.)" -- Daniel Elswit

"Thanks, this kind of quick response is the second reason I like dealing with you-all. The first is that I really like NSBasic/CE." -- Russ Smith

"BTW thanks for the great message board and I love NS Basic (most fun I've had on a computer in years (including playing Starcraft)). " -- Joby Otero

Thanks very much for your usual prompt help, it makes such a difference when the problem is halting product development. Many other companies let you wait for days." -- Colin Crichton

"You provide an excellent level of service." -- Lucas Williams

"Thank you! NS Basic CE V2.1 arrived on Monday (16 Aug) - 7 days after my registration - Canada to Australia! I am a happy programmer :)
Thank you also for your quick, informative and helpful responses to all my email questions. It has been much appreciated.
There are many, many business' that could learn much from your excellent and professional service." -- Stephen Notley

"Thanks for your help. Your technical support is the best I ever found." -- JCG Portatil, Spain

"I'm absolutely positively surprised about the speed of your answers. Thanks a lot. Super" -- Christian Acter, Germany

"As you know I'm a beginner programming. And after I buy NSBASIC I'm only use my Cassiopeia to make programs for my own use. And my friend I don't want to adulate you. But the true is YOU'RE THE BEST. Thank's you again I don't have words (And my english is very limited) to tell you how many appreciate your attention this make me a do better effort to learn NSBASIC." - Jose Merhi, Venezuela

"Just wanted you all to know that I thoroughly LOVE this product! I'm still rusty and a bit "newbie"ish with it... but I am enjoying learning about and using it. The support from your Product Support is superb; and the NSB Forum is WONDERFUL! George Henna deserves a Rolls-Royce for his undying support, patience, and support of the user community ...how he finds the time to stay in touch with all of us and to not only READ the postings on the forum but also provide such high qualitly, effective, and patient responses is beyond my comprehension. I see that you all also now have this product on the PalmOS and still support the Newton. Just AWESOME! Thanks...to each and every one of you." - A. Clark Keith

"I've been telling everyone I run into about what a great company, product, and group of people you all are and have. And I realize that there is more than just you...in fact at least one or two of them have helped me with a couple of early problems that I had trying to get NSB to run on my Casio and their help, like yours, was superb, timely, and caring. It is with the greatest pleasure that I "tell my friends" about you and your company. And it seems only right that since the "public guy" always ends up being the "whipping post" for the company when things go badly that the "public guy" should also be the one to get a lot of the laurels and compliments when things go well. And judging by the incredible responsiveness to the communities' unending questions and challenges (as reflected in the depth and breadth of issues posted on the bulletin board) that you have, it would appear, tirelessly provided I'd have to say that you've earned every laurel and compliment many, many times over. The outstanding product that NSBasic/CE offers is a wonderful testimonial to the incredible team that you all at NSBasic Corp. have put together. Please pass on to each of them my strongest compliments and thanks for a great product, for incredible responsiveness and innovation and vision in their combined contributions to making this a grand contribution to this community. " - A. Clark Keith

"Thanks again for the wonderful service and also the wonderful product." -- Paul Simpson

I also wanted to mention that your customer service (namely you) has been exemplary every time I've needed to contact you, whether here on your site or on the news groups. I thank you for that and hope to continue doing business with you long into the future. -- Wes Preston

really appreciate the great suppor from you guys. Your CE stuff is working for me real well also. -- Eddie

Your company has been very good to work with. -- Chris Batcheller

I'll say this for you, your customer support is outstanding! -- Ken Gross

As to support, they are fairly responsive, I do sense they are streched, but trying to do the best they can with available resources. -- Charl

I want to thank you, once again, for excellent service. I ordered my NSB/CE yesterday afternoon via express and received it this morning! You are an unbelievable company! Nothing beats your service and help. -- Rachel

the product support is excellent with NS Basic too. I could not dream of getting the same attention from Microsoft, especially from someone who actually knows what they are talking about. :) -- Chris Hoffman

Now I know how my customers feel. I give them the same level of support that you give me! How refreshing. -- withtao
Thank you very much. I wish more companies were as good to deal with as yours. -- Chris Batcheller Tiger Internet Solutions
Thanks for responding so = quickly, I had heard your support was good but wow. I am converting alot of my projects = from Sat Forms because I am not happy with thier support or the evolution of the product. -- Ryan L. Sytsma, President, RLS Data Concepts
Obviously the the word on the street about you folks is true - great customer service to match great products. I will probably be in touch in August to look into order NS Basic for both the Palm and CE platforms. Thanks again. -- Mark Wallace

Darteuk, Although, I've been absent from this forum for quite a while (other life commitments), I occasionally drop by to lurk and read a few emails. As George,Charl, and the rest of the long present people in this group know, I am the world's only perpetual "newbie" when it comes to programming. I think that I've tried out every language available and then some! I really enjoy looking at languages more than I do programming in them! When I want to do some "real" programming though, I ALWAYS come back to NSBasic. It is so elegant in its presentation and simplicity. Yet it is also very powerful.

I am going to try to address a few of your concerns regarding your possible move to NSBasic. I will speak more to the non-programming sorts of issues than the nuts and bolts because I'm not much of a programmer anyway. I do hope that if I give any wrong information, that Charl (who is always here to help out and answer your questions) or George (one of the creators of the language) will jump in to correct me.

First, IMHO, YOU CAN'T GO WRONG BY PURCHASING NSBASIC. I have both versions of the language (Palm and (4.0 of NSBasicCE). I'm actually a long time customer. I've done many little code snips and written a few useful programs (remember, this stuff comes hard to me and I do get sidetracked). Programming is just so darn fascinating though. NSBasic is based on VBscript so it is different than using VB6. The language limitations are the limitations of VBscript, but... George and his crew of geniuses have given users much more access to the programming 'guts' of the various machines than are available in VBscript alone. A compiled program uses a runtime engine that is small and the programs seem to run quickly and without problems.

If you like graphics, it takes some adjustment when you move from VB6 to VBscript. You may get stumped (this is a constant condition with me). However, the support in this forum is totally amazing. I have never seen anything even near it. The people are friendly, and helpful, and you won't see a lot of flaming here; just respectful courtesy. You will meet people here who are outstanding programmers, but you won't even know of their talents. They aren't braggarts. They will be the first ones to jump in and help you. This is also true of the NSBasic Palm forum.

George Henne (NSBasic creator) offers you constant assistance. He has been so helpful to me. Over the years I have asked question after child-like question. I've never felt like the class dunce, yet I know that my questions are frequently very simplistic. Charl is a gifted, but modest programmer who is frequently the first to jump in to help, and believe me, he knows his stuff. He has helped me through so many difficult (in my mind) questions. There are also many other outstanding programmers who pop in now and then. It is really fun to get to "hobnob" with these folks. For me it is a little like becoming friends with Eisenstein.

I know this message sounds like some kind of advertisement for NSBasic, but I really am just a satisfied customer. The price is fair and the support is second to none, plus the language is just plain "Nice" and "Simple" (NSBasic). HTHs.... Rachel

As always support is marvellous. I wish other companies approached even 50% of your quality. The internet would be far less frustrating place. Thank you very much -- Dr Samuel B Lucas, England
I enjoy using both your Palm and CE products. Your product support is excellent. -- Mark Mathen
Great Customer Service..[we] received your overnight package and want to thank you for such a quick response. Not many vendors I have dealt with have moved to get us our application as you have done. You have certainly set the standard, especially since you are not here in USA. -- Celeste Woolcock, Aspen Systems Corporation
Thanks for the prompt service once again. Keep up the good work on a great product - Version 5 adds some great new features that are much appreciated. -- Geoff Wicks

To George, and whoever else might be instrumental in NSBasic,

While trying to learn how to build a custom research application for the Pocket PC, I deferred any decision to purchase NSBasic for several months. After all, why spend $150 for one Basic when I could get another one (eVB) for free? It's not that $150 is an insurmountable barrier. Developing my package is taking much, much, much more than that in my time. It's just that it seemed so frivolous to pay for something when there's a perfectly usable alternative elsewhere.

And, as I slowly (and painfully) learned how to get things done in this new environment, I realized that eVB just wasn't what I'd hoped it would be. I bought NSBasic, picked up more on the lingo, and (very importantly here) benefited a great deal from the Yahoo support site and NSBasic "community". Getting further into it, I did more things that I'm sure eVB wouldn't do. For example, arrays of objects is important to what I'm working on. I don't think eVB does that. And that alone would make the FileFinder demo (I just put it on the Yahoo file site) impossible to write so succinctly.

Anyway, thanks for NSBasic and the support. I hope you and your partners in the Great North feel all warm and fuzzy from this appreciation from the Great South. -- Robert L Bryant

I can say I enjoy NSBasic, the support from George and all the members in this Yahoogroup. Ihave not received updates and minor fixes as quickly from any other developer tool manufacturer and the community support is the best anywhere. Keep up the great work. - Bob Katayama MSMVP
You have developed a really great product and I see the support hasn't changed any either. -- Jim Frith
Your support is tops! -- Ray Erasmus, South Africa
Thanks...good service + Honesty! -- Darrell Diem
"Thanks for the help It's great to have that sort of support." -- Joe Hayes, New Zealand

-I just wanted to express my thanks for all the support from day one. You have been very gracious with your time on the Yahoo groups and instrumental in assisting me with numerous issues that have arisen over the years.

It is very rare to see great support from a manufacturer being consistent over a few years. Regardless of how great a tool might be, without the timely and concise support that NSBasic has provided via the NSBasic Yahoo group, I would never have continued with NSBasic. NSBasic is my tool of choice and will be a must have tool for a long time to come.

Boy, I am starting to sound like an infomercial. ;-) Bob Katayama, MVP

Hi - we've now bought two versions (desktop and pocketpc) so I guess you can put this one down as "very impressed with the product"

Steve (my partner) has even asked a few technical questions and gotten answers in an amazing turnaround - sometimes as quickly as 10 minutes. So I can assure you that that is a "very impressed with the service".

There you are - wonderful product, wonderful service

Thanks heaps -- Diarmuid Pigott

Wow: This is becoming a broken record for me but I keep saying this when NSBasic releases a new version. Great Upgrade!!!!

The Getserialnumber is a perfect addition as well as the addition for Wm 5.0 support.

Another huge welcome is the ability to run NSBasic on CE.NET V4.X. This is something I has inquired about with George about 2 years ago. There was no definitive answer and a few CE.NET 4.X units worked with NSBasic but most did not. Many emails were sent back and forth. Looks like George and his team has fully grasped the CE.NET 4.X framework and added true support.

Congrats on all the enhancements. I am really looking forward to taking full advantage of all the new features. Look out Microsoft. Again NSBasic allows us to create applications for all Versions of CE from V2.11 - V5.0 using one IDE. Supporting legacy PDA's is really a huge problem with MS developers languages but not with NSBasic.

Again, congratulations to George Henne and his team of developers. Another superb release of NSBasic. -- Bob Katayama MVP Windows Mobile Devices

I just wanted to say thanks for the extremely responsive help and the corrections - really - you just allowed me to land a fairly large project on legacy systems. This is a really nice alternative to the junk Microsoft puts out for the CE platform. You've got a very cool thing going here. -- P aul Chila
Wow. That's fantastic! I really appreciate the customer service you provide, as well, of course, as the great product. Thanks again -- Brooke Jaconds
Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply. I have worked in IT for thirty years and I am bound to say that your support is second to none. -- Ian Coxon

Once again, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank George for the fast response via offline email.. I've no regrets purchasing both NSBasic/Palm and NSBasic/CE.. and who knows.. with his kind of great support NSBasic/Desktop may be my next registered tool...

Thanks again.. George.. for the wonderful support! -- Ronnie Sun, Singapore

I just wanted to say thank you for your patience and prompt responses to my questions. Such concern for customers is rare today, and, therefore, more appreciated when it is encountered. Thank you, again. -- John Hannum

Thanks for your timely support. In today's world [2008]your company is really outstanding. -- Jesse Hillman

I just wanted to follow up and thank you for the support you provided last week, in regards to helping me register that DLL so the serial controls in NS Basic Desktop would work. I hadn't done that before and it was surprising at the time since I was under the gun. The solar car team that I wrote the little monitoring software for reported recently that they got 2nd place, in part because of their monitoring. So thanks for the quick response that was nearly as fast as phone call. -- Stewart Mayer

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