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NS Basic/CE Kudos - What projects are being done?

These are unsolicited comments from people who have used NS Basic/CE. The most recent comments are at the end of the file.

"NSBasic products, and the service you provide, are really second to none, and I can't thank you enough for supporting the Jornada 820. If it weren't for NSBasic, then a lot of the applications I've written for making my life easier in using the device probably wouldn't exist, because I don't feel like investing the 700-800 USD for the full gamut of Microsoft's tools. I have nothing but good to say about your product, and I will continue to enthusiastically commend it, to all of my friends and professional colleagues!" -- Bill Stivers

G'day George

I received NS Basic 2.0 yesterday .... quick delivery eh!

My first impressions are: "You little bloody ripper mate!!!!"

WHY have I been mucking around with Microsoft VBCE 5.0 (what a disaster) and now VBCE6.0 for so long? I write a lot of code in VB6.0 linked to Access97 files for our marketing team .... sort of a hobby. These work really well.

But come the HP Jornada I have had so many problems. I have a SPARKY automotive electricians knowledge base that we are converting from VB6-A97 to the Jornada. ADOCE and Pocket Access is so damned slow .... urrrggggghhhhh! However, I have picked up a few tricks from your sample ADOCE code and this week I will convert my program into NSB. I trialled the main search routine which picks a single product out of a 28,000 record long .cdb file .... your blitzs VBCE .... I'll buy a stopwatch to time it but it is much, much faster.

I am going to let KASYS our HP supplier know of your product as I am certain that there will be other users out there who want a quick means of developing simple programs without having to hook up PC-Palmtops and stuff around with downloading runtimes and compiles etc etc.

That's it from me. But THANKYOU THANKYOU!!!!" -- Mark Grahame, Australia

"Hewlett Packard visited me yesterday from Sydney. They were "gob struck" by my 8000 customers, 40000 parts, 32000 cross references, 1500 vehicles etc in our SPARKY Knowledgebase that is running on a HP Jornada with 32mb CF card and using nsbasic program.

Yep, I rewrote my Microsoft VBCE 6.0 into nsbasic.

It is a lot easier to use than programming away on a PC and then downloading the finished article." -- Mark Grahame

"I have had NS Basic for several days now and I just LOVE it. Having a Visual Basic backround, I was able to turn out a handy application to use at work to time my tasks in just a couple days. Thank you for an excellent product... I see HUGE opportunity for you since Microsoft seems to want little to do with CE and your software kicks ass. I hope business is well for you because I am anticipating the next feature set whatever it may be..." - Richard Johnson

"I've only had a little bit of time to play with the product since last night but am impressed so far. NSBasic was exactly what the doctor ordered for this little gem (E-100). The lack of a programming utility, let alone one this functional, was my only problem with the machine - I use it for just about everything else! Nice work. I'm nuts about being able to write code on my "tricorder". Thanks for a great product - it's worth every penny of what you asked for it!" - Bruce Roeser

"NsBasic has enabled me to get well ahead of my primary competitor who is many times my size and, I'm sure, would love to get a hold of my source code. My competitors are still beating their heads against DevStudio and the Microsoft CE toolkits while I am adding features at light speed.." - Bill Guenthner

I have found NS Basic to be an excellent tool on the Compaq iPaq pocket pc, particularly the fact that the programming software runs on the handheld. I use NS Basic to turn the handhelds into dataloggers for survey work and being able to edit the program in the field is essential (unlike Microsoft's Embedded Tools which requires a laptop). -- Keith

My programs ALL interface to other devices such as digitizers, plan wheels, laser distance meters and embedded controllers. I use the serial interface for those devices and it works well. My programs are also pretty intensive with graphics -- almost to the extent of being a CAD system with translations, rotations, zoom, fillets, etc. I find sufficient capability with NSBasic/CE for all of the operations that I need. Once in a while, I feel the limitations as I have been spoiled by high-powered desktop developments systems, but the ease-of-use is pretty good compromise. The things that I really need for the system to do are there, especially with controls like the S309PictureBox. -- James K. Hesch, CPE President, Ziatek, Inc.
Look at http://mojweb.sk/mapsgo/ or http://uk.geocities.com/mapsgop MapsGo has been done by NS Basic/CE . NS Basic is a great product. -- Jan Simkovic, Slovenia
Really serious for a really good product. All seems to be work perfectly, i have only few problems to convert old working eVB scripts. -- Edouard Sanchez, Switzerland
"Incidentally, although it may seem from the recent string of emails that all my experiences with NSB 5.0 are frustrating, 99% of coding actually goes smoothly and use of applications on cultural resource inventories on Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, is significantly improving breadth and quality of field data recovered and the efficiency of field operations over the use of paper and pencil forms. Interestingly, switching from Palm based applications (built using HanDbase) to the current Win CE applications also resulted in significant improvements in efficiency due to relative ease of use and more robust error trapping and pop-ups. The field techs will never go back to paper and pencil or to Palm." -- Marcus Grant

I write commercial programs for PC with VB6 and have been pretty successful (www.theaudiocave.com/NFL www.../NCAA). I bought NSBasic just to write custom programs for myself to help me in my day job as a field manager with SBC. I'm very, very happy with it so far.

I sat at my desk Thursday and thought about an upcoming project I'm involved in and what needed to be tracked, stored and recalled. Within an hour (a freakin hour!) I had a operational PPC app running that tracks and recalls everything I need to track. That's exactly what I bought it for and it fits the bill perfectly. The one thing I forgot to do in the code I corrected in the field on the device in about 5 minutes.

While my peers lug their laptops around I have everything I need in my pocket on my Dell Axim X50. I love it. I'd like to personally thank the developers of this fine tool. -- Lawrence Farr

Follow up from Bob Katayama...

Welcome to the world of NSBasic. Try doing the same thing you did with VS.NET. Making minor changes to the actual source code on the road or in the field? Forget that. . . :-) NSBasic Rules!!! -- Bob

"I can't tell you how impressed I am with how easy it was to port my file I/O. XML parsing, and database routines to NS Basic [from eVB]." -- Mike DeAndrea

By the way, I must say working with NS Basic is such a dream, our development time is negligible to that of before. I love it, and am happy to let others know. If you ever need a testimonial let me know it would be a pleasure.

Great product and this is the first time I've needed support and I must congratulate you on the quick reply.

We deal mostly with scanners, ie: Symbol, Datalogic, PSC. We were stuck with using their development platforms and had just moved to .NET, but .. Not a real fan of .NET as soon as we came across NS Basic we jumped ship.

I suppose it is just a learning curve but NS Basic gives us all we need and with the Active X's available there really isn't anything we can't do now, we already used the /n Software group of active x's in our desktop development so it was easy to move with those across with NS Basic.

We are a B2B company developing EDI translation and integration software we also own and run 1 of the 4 major VAN's in Australia, the development of mobile applications was the next natural step, hence the introduction of NS Basic.

Jim Gatsios, Australia

Mobile Archaeological Recording Kit

Mobile Archaeological Recording Kit (MARK) is a collection of small applications designed to run on Windows CE/Mobile 2003 and later operating systems for inexpensive Pocket PC’s (housed in weather-tight Otterbox ™ containers. Each of nine applications addresses a specific site-recording task, such as cataloging flaked stone artifacts, documenting site settings, or maintaining a photo log.

"I can't tell you how impressed I am with how easy it was to port my file I/O. XML parsing, and database routines to NS Basic [from eVB]." -- Mike DeAndrea
"We are a growing private university. Every public university and most private universities in our area are in budget crisis mode, but not us. Thus, the IT infrastructure has to grow accordingly.

We already have 2 Symbol MC70's and 4 MC50's to handle event ticketing (swipe a student ID card to gain entry to an event). This is pushed by BlackBoard, which is a big player in university software.

The security office wants to be able to create and print tickets with mobile computers. So I grabbed an MC70 that we have on hand and found your software on the web. With your support (including your contact at Symbol), I made a proof-of-concept that solidified Symbol as the preferred vendor. The security office will be purchasing at least 14 Symbol MC70s, along with a bunch of accessories.

NSBasic created sales for Symbol." -- Teddy Caddy, MBA"

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