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NS Basic/CE Kudos - General

These are unsolicited comments from people who have used NS Basic/CE. The most recent comments are at the end of the file.

"This is phenomenally cool!" -- Scott Henson, CE Evangelism, Microsoft

"Nice, really nice!!! It reminds me of qb4.x. Keep up the good work!" -- Mario Lavignasse

"Finally! A complete and open object oriented application development environment for Windows CE. NS Basic/CE gives you the power and ease of Visual Basic so that anyone can write useful and powerful applications right on their Handheld PC...you can bet I'll be buying a copy when it's released!" - Steve Mane, beta tester

"The announcement of NS Basic/CE – which supports Windows CE for the Handheld PC and the Handheld PC Pro Edition – is praised by Microsoft. NS Basic/CE helps open the Windows CE platform to many more developers, further establishing the operating system as a leading open and expandable mobile computing platform and allowing mobile professionals to stay connected and to be instantly productive." -- Jonathan Roberts, general manager, Consumer Appliances Group, Microsoft.

"It's great to see your product on WinCE. I moved from Newton to WinCE earlier this year, and among other things missed the *complete* development environment you provide... there really is nothing quite like it in WinCE up to now. I look forward to the more visual aspects coming along as well!" -- Tom Cole

"On Friday, I purchased a copy of NS Basic/CE.


I'm really excited about this product..." -- Joel Starkman, Architect

"Very nice product - I like it!" -- Vince Grosso

"I just got my copy of NSBasic/CE today and I wanted to say up front that IT ROCKS! Being an experienced VB programmmer, I can attest to just how quickly you can become productive with this tool." - Jim Karabatsos

"This is a very cool product, you are supporting it very well, and I think you are going to do very well with it." - John Rasor

"Thanks for the chance to have some input and please pass on my sincere appreciation to the development team. This is one very hot product." - Jim Karabatsos, Australian Visual Developers Forum

"...this is the product I was waiting for ..." --Danny Geyssens

"While developing NS Basic/CE, you have realised more wishes than anyone else in the WindowsCE Apps Wishlist. Now WindowsCE users have the power to create for their needs!" - Christian Morency, keeper of the WindowsCE Apps Wishlist and Windows CE Webring

"...you've written a great piece of software. Keep up the GREAT work." - Joel Starkman

"I think that the Japanese software market is big, and Japanese like basic program. Windows-CE is small share of OS in Japan. But this small OS growing up soon. Windows-CE needs reasonable development tool. Your NSBasic is only reasonable development tool for Windows-CE." - Takahiko Manabe

"NSBasic/CE is an EXCELLENT product. I like it very, very much...Congratulations again on a very nice product." - Richard Sylvester, Belgium

"P.S. Have I told you lately How Great Your Product Is? :-)" - David Feustel

"It's great programming curled up in my favourite armchair." - John W Hall

"Customer for life." - John Norton

"I really love NSBasic! It's great!" - Oliver Tomic, Norway

"Thanks again for a neat product." -- Scott Hogin

This software definitly is what I was looking for: A tool that enables me to build up rather complex applications in almost no time. It is a must have for every serious HP/C Pro user! And how the product so the support: Competent and VERY responsive. To put it simply: Excellent. Dr. Franz GEIGER, Austria, f.geiger© vol.at

First impressions: MIGHTY FLEEPIN' COOL. " -- Len Lutz

""Elegant" understates the beauty of this product.....may finally be the breakthrough all of us novice programmers having been waiting to find.......the whole mess about trying to understand, learn, remember "code" is so intimidating that it has previously precluded ordinary, albeit bright, individuals from participating in development of useful ways to simplify the repetitive tasks of daily work/life........." -- John P Hagler, MD

"This is an awesome product. I haven't programmed since I was 13 and a lack of a simple, flexible, portable implementation is why. I take my E-100 with me everywhere and NS Basic is a BIG reason why." -- Joby Otero

"NS Basic looks like a great product and I'm sure I'm going to have some fun getting back into programming after a break of six years!" -- Steve Attwood, England

"Thank you for a GREAT product. I am amazed at what I can do with it." -- Richard Sylvester, Belgium

"The updates [to 2.10] kick a**" -- Eric Chlewboski

"NS Basic ist ein sehr sehr gutes Programm!" -- Peter Grimm, Deutschland

"I wish to congratulate you on the fine quality of the NSBasic/CE product. It is rare to receive software that installs according to the instructions, and then commences to run without destroying half of the rest of the functionality of the computer. And even a real, well-written, hardcopy manual!

Thanks; it's been a while since I've had a good experience with a software vendor." -- John Doner

"As a side note, I'm quite impressed with NSBasic. I'm more of a C guy, but I've done enough VBScript that there was practically no learning curve. It's not tied to the desktop, which means any time I have 2 free minutes I can pull out the hpc and knock out some code no matter where I am and come to think of it, I didn't feel like getting out of bed yesterday and didn't want to be completely unproductive, so this program was mostly done in bed and finished at a friend's house. Life is good. " -- Mark Gamber

"The nsbasic software is very good!" -- Zeev Herschu, Israel

"... every day I use your product I like it more and more!" -- Jake Ainsworth

"I just started using your product and I am very impressed. The samples actually work which is something of a miracle. " -- Ira Solomon

"NS Basics ROCKS!!" -- Adiv Abramson,

"Thank You and thank you for an excellent software" -- Leif Eliasson, Sweden

"I rcvd my book and CD Monday and after reading the first example I was pleasently surprised. The small footprint of the book is also nice although at first I was put off by it. I do have one question which you may be able to answer for me...Thanks for a great program and manual." -- Brian Boatright

"The best! Tk's" -- Paulo Sousa, Portugal
"NSB rules!" -- Mark Grabowsky
"NSBasic offers the capability to develop right on the device, a good set of development tools and the $99 price tag. It also supports ADOCE and the support team at NSBasic is excellent." - Larry Roof, author "VisuaL BASIC for Visual CE"
"So far I'm finding your product and Handbook very easy to use, keep up the good work. Best Regards" - Haim Lichaa, Israel
"Thanks for a great product." - Lawrence E. Bunting
"NS Basic has exceeded my expectations. I'm a big fan! I feel like holding up a lighter for more tools!" - Joe Castner
"I have been using NSBasic for about three days now and I am very impressed. You folks have done a great job with this." - Dan Haught
"Fantastic: Fast, easy, versatile." - Jon Richings, England
"In a Nutshell: An amazingly fully featured Basic development tool that runs entirely on your CE device!" - Dan Haught, reviewer for www.brighthand.com.
"Excellent program and support quite unknown in italy. sob!!" - Epifani Franco, Italy
"Thank you for this fantastic tool." - Mario Barp, Belgium
"I can't believe it, I have never gotten a Technology Guarantee before! My story is typically a day early and a $1 too much!! Keep up the great work and thanks for a great product!" - Wittmann© Cris.Com
"Wonderful product!" - D. Kyle Pierce
"I think this software is the best way to make program on Handheld PC ! Fantastic!" - Yasuhiko Kondo, Japan
NSB is by all means the best programming tool for WinCE devices! :) -- aron
NSBasic on my Jornada makes the difference between itr's being useful and it's being a paperweight. -- David Feustel
NsBasic is a great product at a reasonable price. Keep up the good work. -- Nelson Friberg
First of all, thank You very much for great tool You created. -- Tair Abdurman
Love your product!! -- Denise

I like your Nsbasic.

It's a wonderful tool.

I'm working very often with it.

I hope you will continue to develop it .

Thank you for you work. -- Mario.

I'm really enjoying your product - it makes a great programming language for the bus! -- wilf silversides.
Thanks for this great product. -- choon huat
What a product you have. -- Norm
Your software is great ! -- Zeev
Your product is wonderful. -- Mark Finucane
This is a great program and Version 4 with the IDE desktop makes it even better. -- Dave
I just started playing around with NSBasic/CE. It's fun to be able to do so much so quickly. -- Bob Horowitz
The new IDE in V4 is really nice. I was never able to get the Old one to work... I can emulate and everything. -- Sam
And by the way "I LUUUUVVVVV YOUR PRODUCT!" The anytime, anywhere concept keeps me occupied during long and boring meetings. -- James
I want to write some land survey and civil design applications for pocket pc's / pda's. Your product looks great, and your web site is great!! Not a glitch. I spent 3 hours trying to find and download info on Windows CE and PocketPC programming from the Microsoft site, to no avail (documents missing, parameters incorrect). What a miserable experience. But at NSBasic I find I can to do this thing, and I can start without a $600 pda. Thanks. -- G.V. Johnson
This is my first app written with NSBasic CE and I still can't get over how easy it was to put together. With a portable keyboard I built the app right on my iPaq while commuting to work on the train. Very cool. -- John Malvey, HandEvent
I received my purchased copy of NS Basic/CE last Friday and by now am farily proficient with it. I was impressed with the Demo version and I am equally impressed with the Licensed version.. There are several quirks, but for an inexpensive CE tool it is unbeatable. -- Bob Harding
Great product by the way. I have VBA/Office programming background and this has been a very easy transition. I'm putting together a custom form for a time and motion study - a good app for a pocketPC since it will be carried along in a car/truck all day to collect the data.
I have downloaded the desktop demo version and was really impressed. I am not really a programmer but it's fun learning how to program with Basic any where at any time. - Umar Idris, Brunei Shell Petroleum
I have used NSBasic on a variety of devices ever since its introduction... well all devices actually from the Newton, to Palm and CE and think it is an incredibly valuable development product. -- Shawn G. Doughty
Kudos to you and NSB Corporation for providing the PocketPC community (and now other handheld devices) with a great product and allowing old-timers such as myself to program powerful applications and games with such a "Basic" language, directly on their handheld devices, too! If I ever get my PocketPC website started, I will surely talk up NSBasic with all my projects/programs that I will release to the public. -- Raphael Salgado
Outstanding! ...Once again, I'm very thankful to have such excellent tools at a reasonable price. It's a good and decent thing. -- Don Frank, Word Universe, Inc.

I find George and NSB to be very responsive to customers compared to a worthless, unethical company like AppForge...

I'm generally pretty happy with NSB CE but it still has a way to go to be the product that NSB Palm is. That said, it's still WAY above the quality of the MS CE Toolkit for VB, eVB and eVc++ . The MS CE Toolkit and the embedded SDK makes Rube Goldberg look like an efficiency expert. -- Tim Markowsi

Btw, congratulations are in order! You and your team have grown NS Basic to something quite impressive! I'm glad to have been there from the early days so that I can look back and see all of the progress! It's always good to see a company gain tenure in it's field of expertise. I see that Microsoft has even given NS Basic considerable mention! Kudos! -- Jeff Debrosse,Paradigm Consulting Group
I have started reading the manual page by page and it is TOP NOTCH! You have done a superb job and I compliment you! -- Randy
I have been developing with NSBasic for a few weeks now and I have been able to develop some pretty powerful & effective programs with this Development Environment. Great Job!!! (I previously developed in Visual Basic/Studio, so I only had to re-figure out a few things, not too bad overall). -- Tom Brown

-Just wanted to mention that the Frame Object support is one of best features you have added. Makes life so much easier now and makes the NSBasic functionality so much like Visual Basic on the desktop. Many new users of NSBasic that are familair with Visual Basic will not be disappointed. :-)

Version 5.0 makes NSBasic the best all around developers package for the Pocket PC. Specially since one program can create apps for Wm 2003SE and older at the same time. I would like to congratulate you and your team fro producing an excellent product.

One a side note. V4.0 supported AspriteCE. V5.0 should also support it since it's backwards compatible. Curious on if there maybe support for Asprite.net? Really Asprite.net was created to run on VS.NET therefore I do not think this is an issue since the older AspriteCE runs anyways.

Thank you for all your hard work and support over the past year. Looking forward to creating some interesting applications with V5.0 -- Bob Katayama, Microsoft MVP

I find your Palm product is excellent for prototyping Palm applications. We're working with clients on ideas and having the rapid development is a real benefit. Not sure if we will re-engineer in C/C++ or other for the ultimate product. It will be tempting to use NS Basic for the actual product unless performance is a real issue. -- C David Sides
"5.0 works very fine and quick. Congratulation" -- GŸnther Fromhagen
Your tools are really invaluable, the cost is always really low for what you offer. -- Fabrizio Cesare, Italy
"NSBCE V5.03 is pretty darn good! I am now writing an application using it and I must complement you on the implementation. It leaves evb far behind for ease of use."-- Gary Barnes, Australia
I loved the PalmOS version of NSBasic and this CE version is also great! -- Richard DeMello
Great product, by the way... -- Bob Bring
"... the only reason I keep a PC around is because of your software pretty much :) " -- Drew Wohl
-I am very happy with my purchases so far. I know that most of the mistakes that I make somehow seem in the end to point at me :-) What I most appreciate about NSBasic, both the Palm and the Pocket PC versions is that it allows me to program in the same environment, no matter what happens to the hardware. I am very comfortable with the idea that I can write a program for Pocket PC 200x and know that it will still run on Pocket PC 200x + n. This gives me great confidence, because I know that in a couple of years when Microsoft does what it normally does, and breaks previous applications, NSBASIC will have a new version ready that will still execute my code on the new platforms. Not to mention the confidence that my customers can also have in the software solutions provided. -- Gary Barnes, Australia
"NS basic is my dream programming tool for my DEll AXIM x50v pocket pc" -- Vincent Cheung, Hong Kong.

Speaking as a VB developer, your product is a lifesaver to me (I absolutely HATE C++ and the universe of debugging memory leaks that comes along with it). NSBasic is a fantastic product - if I have memory leaks, I get to blame it on YOU. Hahahahaha

Thanks once again for cranking it out. Looks like you have a lot of success with it. You've earned it. -- Bob Hodges

Thank you again for your execllent product. Your company is the very few who really understand the essetial of programming, who understand that NOT everything is Object, who understand that it is very important to keep the tool simple, clear. -- James Lee
All code is running perfect on the PDA. We displayed version 1 [of our app] at a trade show recently and it was a major hit. NSBasic is as solid as a rock and so easy to develop with. I'm very glad I found it for this work. -- Barry

Wow: This is becoming a broken record for me but I keep saying this when NSBasic releases a new version. Great Upgrade!!!!

The Getserialnumber is a perfect addition as well as the addition for Wm 5.0 support.

Another huge welcome is the ability to run NSBasic on CE.NET V4.X. This is something I has inquired about with George about 2 years ago. There was no definitive answer and a few CE.NET 4.X units worked with NSBasic but most did not. Many emails were sent back and forth. Looks like George and his team has fully grasped the CE.NET 4.X framework and added true support.

Congrats on all the enhancements. I am really looking forward to taking full advantage of all the new features. Look out Microsoft. Again NSBasic allows us to create applications for all Versions of CE from V2.11 - V5.0 using one IDE. Supporting legacy PDA's is really a huge problem with MS developers languages but not with NSBasic.

Again, congratulations to George Henne and his team of developers. Another superb release of NSBasic. -- Bob Katayama MVP Windows Mobile Devices

I'm really enjoying working with NS Basic\CE. It is a great application and I'm thrilled that I can use my eVB experience to quickly solve a major problem -- porting my commercial applications to a language that will run on the new Windows Mobile platforms. Also, the fact that I can now develop on the handheld as well as on any device is a welcomed relief after years of having to program on an older device. As I mentioned before, I really regret not going to NS Basic a few years ago.

Thanks again. Great product. I really like it and am looking forward to mastering the language.

What I Like ...
1. Everything. This is a great language. Really nice job.
2.. Speed of downloading apps to device for debugging. Having debugged eVB apps on the device for several years, the quick download of the apps is fantastic and truly appreciated.
3. Ability to modify code on the device itself. This is nice but it would be nicer if I could then upload the code back into the IDE from the IDE.
4.. Performance. Everything run much faster in NSB than in eVB.

-- Mike DeAndrea

By the way, I want to express my satisfaction using NS Basic/CE. I'm developing a multi-form application using all sort of controls, intrinsic and external, with database support and I'm very happy with my decision to use NS Basic/CE. -- Claude Dionne
"I purchased NSBasic CE, just want to thank you for a fantastic product...you should be laughing, you have created a killer application, which has helped me more than you will ever know." -- Dave Reynolds
As you may have noticed, I love NS Basic CE a lot, the first serious development tool that is easy to get into, still powerful, and where development on the CE device itself is possible (if it's something with a decent keyboard; a netBook pro is ideal I think). And the manual is a very welcome addition, I received it yesterday. I like the content and the format! -- Thomas Gruber
I just upgraded to version 6 and I love it. Thanks for the great work!!! -- Juan Reyes
This project is coming together nicely, the TCP/IP communication is rock solid, SQLITE works amazingly and NSBasic/CE ROCKS!!! -- Marko Palikko
"I've been a fan of NS Basic since my early Pocket PC days, programming things like "Pocket Tricorder" directly on my old iPAQ h3600 and Cassiopeia E125. This powerful yet easy-to-use platform just keeps getting better and better, so if you've ever used a program on your Pocket PC and said to yourself, "Hey, I can do better than that," NS Basic/CE can give you a good reason to go ahead and do it." -- PocketPCThoughts.com
It was looking like we would have to upgrade to Visual Studio.Net 2005 to be able to efficiently develop for pocket pc's. I wasn't keen to do this just for this one task. So I downloaded the demo of nsbasic for ce.

I was immediately very impressed with its flexibility and speed. I can't describe how pleasant it is to be able to develop on desktop, hit Run, and test the program on the intended device, all in under 5 seconds. -- Tim Howard

"After a short time of testing, I'm now sure that I have chosen the right software. I ordered the full version today from a german distributor, hoping to receive it on wednesday or thursday. As soon as I receive the package I will register the software. Thanks for this masterpiece of software." -- Andreas Keffer

irst: I was thrilled to be able to download the program. Microsoft won't let you do that with their up-to-date tools, even if you're prepared to pay full price for Visual Studio. I was on a deadline and desperately needed to create a demo with something. NS Basic Good. Microsoft Evil.

Second: I've only done a small amount of work with it so far, but, I like it. It looks great for putting together the kind of simple screens that I need to do.

Third: I like the streamlined approach that you seem to have taken. Microsoft anything leaves me feeling bloated. It looks to me like your performance advantage has come, at least in part, by putting together a cleaner product that efficiently does what it's supposed to and doesn't have tons of useless extra stuff hanging around.

Fourth: The installation was quick and easy. I like that. A lot.

Finally: I like the price. Considering that it worked the way I needed it to, it was darn good value for the money.

I will shortly need to put together an IrDA link, based on IrCOMM, to one of our devices. If you can point me towards any kind of explanation or sample code that does that using NS Basic, I'd be very happy. (I'm running Windows Mobile 5 on an HP iPAQ 1950.)

The real test will come when I need to put some custom hardware into the iPAQ. I'll be feeling my way along trying to get NS Basic to talk to the hardware. I may be back in touch at that point.

So, great product which was available when I needed it. Thank you.

Best regards,
Brian Falter

"Ultimately, I am very happy with the product I purchased, it is stable and has allowed me to be immediately productive. The first version of my application is ready with 70% of the features already implemented, 4 fun day. Thanks to you all" -- Gianluca D'Incà.
"Awesome!! You have great customer support and wonderful products. Thanks again!" -- Brian Franco
"Ns Basic/CE 7 is fun to work with. Thats a lot of enhancement and improvements in comparison to my earlier versions! It feels much more like the evb tools and includes some of the features I liked with appforge I like also the active X control manager" -- Dr. Horst-Peter Heimes
"Thank you for your quick service and support, and an excellent product." -- Christian Mears
I have just been looking at NSBCE 7 in some detail. Frankly, it rocks ! The new help system is much cooler. Classes ! This is really cool ! Good job, and I once again consider it to be money well spent. " -- Gary Barnes
"Das NS-Basic ist perfekt. Ich selber programmiere mit Purebasic und bin froh, das ich mit NS-Basic die Lücke für Pocket-PC's füllen kann." -- Falko Luensmann, Germany
"The product is GREAT! I was able to build an application real quick. " -- Leonard E. Mathey, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
"And thanks also for this great Programm. I love it!!" -- Erwin Hoegger, Switzerland
"NSBasic is great by the way, I'm getting a real kick out finally being able to do what I've always got others to do (and never getting it quite the way I want)!" -- Justin Anning, Australia
"NSBasic/CE version 8 is the version we've all been waiting for. At long last, the NSBasic that has always bested Visual Studio in ease of use now trumps it in single-exe runtime simplicity and built-in app installer generation. These new self-contained features make NSBasic the undisputed champion of Windows Mobile development, hands down. Every time I give Visual Studio a shot at the title, I end up coming back to NSBasic." -- Bob Hodges, MS.c, Programmer/Analyst, Microsoft
"Ordered the full version and LOVING it. In only 3 nights (after work @ that), I've almost completed my first app. My previous programming experience was with VB 6 - and this is very similar. Thanks for a great product!!" -- Mark T.
"Really nice version by the way. I am enjoying working with it. -- Marcus Grant
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