NS Basic/CE Reviews

May 2003 Review: "eine hochwertige wie leistungsstarke Umsetzung der Programmiersprache Basic für Palm OS und PocketPC Handhelds"


February 2001
Review: "NS Basic/CE is one of the best Pocket PC products I have seen. It makes truly professional Windows CE programming accessible." - Shawn Thompson

February 2000
Review: "9/10 NS Basic/CE est un produit professionnel..." - Christian Morency (en Francais)

February 2000
Review: "In a Nutshell: An amazingly fully featured Basic development tool that runs entirely on your CE device!" - Dan Haught

September 1999
Review: "NS Basic/CE is a serious product with a powerful feature set at an amazing price. " - Terence Goggin

September 1999
Review: "...you won't need to learn a whole new language to begin writing end-user Basic applications for CE." - Fernando Ramos

July 1999
Review: "...the only serious development environment that you can use from a Windows CE device itself" - John Ruley

June, 1999
Review: "NS Basic brings the ability to create cool programs to us, non-professional programmers." - Daniel Gottlieb

Originating publication Windows Magazine, February 1999
From an article entitled, "Roll Your Own Apps ".
"NS Basic is a slick package... I'm sure I'll find a use for it." - John Ruley

Pen Computing
 Magazine Masthead (5407 bytes) Pen Computing Magazine, February 1999
"NS BASIC Corporation has the perfect application for you."

February 1999
From "Windows CE: Where's the funware?"
"NS Basic/CE is a terrific BASIC-language programming environment"

Windows CE Lair, December 1998
Windows CE Lair gives NS Basic/CE 5 Orbs!
"...without doubt one of the most exciting and most significant programs released for the Windows CE platform this year."

VB for CE, November, 1998

VBforCE the developer's edge

"Just Plain Cool!" The first review is in - and Larry likes it! See Larry Roof's review, and while you're at it, check out his new book, "Professional Visual Basic Windows CE Programming.

Software Development Magazine, October, 1998
NS Basic/CE nominated by the editors of Sofware Development Magazine for a Jolt Award.


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