Tech Note 36: Scrolling Forms

April 12, 2008

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Contributed by Charl Van Schoick Software Developer

Using the Frame object, it's easy to create forms that scroll hortizonally and/or vertically in NS Basic/CE.

sample sample

The Code:

ShowOKButton true

Output.scalemode=3 'start IDE alternate 
AddObject "Frame","Frame1",0,0,229,258 
AddObject "VScrollbar","VS1",230,0,10,258 
AddObject "HScrollBar","HS1",0,258,230,10 

Sub Main 
 Frame1.width=432 'whatever >230 
 Frame1.height=409 'whatever >178 
 Frame1.move 0,-8 'adjust for caption 
 'start visual generation for demo 
 For x=0 to 19 
  execute("AddObject " & q & "label" & q & "," & q & "lbl" & x & q & "," & x*20+2 & "," & x*20+9 & ",49,19,Frame1") 
  execute("lbl" & x & ".caption=" & q & x & q) 
  execute("lbl" & x & ".borderstyle=1") 
  Next 'end visual generation for demo 
 End Sub 

Sub VS1_Change
 v=int(v/20)*20+8 'smoothing
 If v>frame1.height-vs1.height Then v=frame1.height-vs1.height
 If v<8 Then v=8
 Frame1.Move -h, -v
 HS1.move 0,
End Sub

Sub HS1_Change
 h= int(h/20)*20 'smoothing
 If h>frame1.width-HS1.width Then h= frame1.width-HS1.width
 If h<0 Then h=0
 Frame1.Move -h, -v
End Sub

Charl Van Schoick Software Developer.