NS Basic/Desktop Programming Contest 2006 Results

September 26, 2006

Here are the results of NS Basic/Desktop Programming Contest 2006. Many entries show new ideas, neat tricks and high qualities of overall design. We congratulate the winner and thank all participants for making this contest successful.

You don't need to be a licensed user of NS Basic/Desktop to try these out. Unless otherwise noted, they will run on Windows 2000 and Windows XP, include Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC), Tablet PC and Embedded XP.


IPasMobile by Johann Mitterhauser
This app is used to acquire data for production control and optimization, and is ideal for use on UMPC and tablet PC devices on the factory floor. It has a nearly identical version for Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices, written using NS Basic/CE. The software (including earlier versions) is in use in over 1200 companies worldwide. Currently in German; English version coming soon.

"In 2004 I was looking for a Windows CE development environment allowing to create my OPL-software without big learning effort. I choose NS Basic because of its similarity to other programming languages and the low costs.

Overall after the creation and further development of my software I can say NS Basic is an excellent development environment that is being updated on a constant basis and allows to integrate functionality provided by Windows very easily.

The most important advantage is the capability to use one source code for the OS Windows CE and Windows XP.

I also would like to point out the excellent support from the NS Basic team that is not necessarily certain in the software industry." -- J. M.

Judge's Comments: This has been a successful product for some time in the Windows CE space. Moving to to NS Basic/Desktop allows it to run much faster on the more powerful Windows desktop devices. The program is well thought through and highly specialized for its purpose.


Other Entries (alphabetical order)

16 Bit Compiler by Steven Picard
This is a 16 bit compiler written entirely in NS Basic/Desktop. It implements a simple programming language that compiles into 16 bit executable code.

Judge's Comments: Wow! When we started the contest, we figured we see stuff we never thought possible. Nothing could have prepared us for this. Yes, it's truly compiled: code written in it runs blindingly fast. Being able to write a compiler in a language is a tribute to both the language and the programmers involved.

IO by Fred Tonetti
The artificially Intelligent Optimization driver for AmiBroker provides a means to perform an intelligent optimization of parameter values which can be varied in an optimization run in an Automatic Analysis window of AmiBroker.

Judge's Comments: AmiBroker is a well known tool for stock analysis. IO enhances AmiBroker with advanced features. It's a great example of how NS Basic/Desktop can be used to enhance and automate other applications.


SQLite Simple by Heiko Stolte
An easy to use front end to the SQLite database. It's a good way to test or debug SQLite databases. This program also runs on NS Basic/CE. Databases created using NS Basic/Desktop can be used without any conversion in NS Basic/CE and vice versa.

Judge's Comments: This is a well done and easy to use tool. It includes an excellent Help file.

WeatherLive by Sadek Alaoul
This applet gets the latest weather information for most anywhere in the world over the net. For WinXP.

Judge's Comments: The program demonstrates how NS Basic/Desktop can use ActiveX controls to add functionality. It also demonstrates how apps that interact with the internet are easy to create.

Download (includes source)