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NewtCard Demo

We're pleased to announce we now have a free demo of NewtCard available for downloading from our website.

NewtCard is a new multimedia authoring tool for the Newton. It uses the familiar concepts of stacks, cards and backgrounds to create projects with pictures, drawings, sounds and text.

In the February, 1998 issue of Gecko Magazine, NewtCard was awarded 5 stars.

This is a stack (and the NewtCard Player) that gives you a tour of NewtCard. The tour is implemented in NewtCard itself, and demonstrates many of the capabilities. The NewtCard Tour comes as a self extracting package which needs to be expanded on the Newton before you can run the Player. A MessagePad 2x00 or eMate, with at least 360K free space, is required.

Files are in Stuffit (.SIT) format, binhex encoded. You'll need an unstuffing utility from Aladdin to unstuff the file - get it at

Important! Stuffit Expander for Windows Users: Under Cross-platform Options, set both options to "Never". If these are not set correctly, packages will give the error message "does not appear to be a valid package".

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