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NewtCard Kudos

From "the educated newton":
This is a survey of data base products. NewtCard is mentioned at the end - but is certainly not in last place!

"OK, I've saved my personal favorite for last. I love NewtCard."

 — Geoffrey Klingsporn

From AOL's Pocket Press:
This latest review comes from AOL's PDA forum "pocket press". It is written by John Schettino

From Newton Underground:
"Other Newton software vendors should take a lesson from the attention to quality and detail that NSBASIC puts into its products."

"HyperCard was a truly revolutionary product for the Mac and brought database and programming concepts down to normal individuals. In my opinion, NewtCard does the same for the Newton."

"A solid 10 out of 10."

(Full text at http://www.newton-underground.com/NU/newtcard.shtml )

From Planet Newton:
Planet Newton has finished its review of NewtCard, and the results are posted at
under the headline, "NewtCard: HyperCard arrives for the Newton"

The reviewer did his homework well, and does a good job explaining what NewtCard is.

A few good quotes:

"Let's first start off by establishing one thing: NewtCard (published by NS Basic Corp.) is the coolest, neatest, and possibly the most important piece of software that has arrived on our Newtons. Ever."

"NewtCard could potentially do for the Newton what VisiCalc did for the original Apple II: it will be enough of a reason for potential customers to purchase Newtons instead of buying something else, because NewtCard is only available on the Newton platform."

"The overall value that NewtCard represents is superb; its hard to imagine what else a user could expect for the price, and NS Basic Corp., the publishers of NewtCard clearly have done a superb job with the printed documentation and the product packaging."

"NewtCard is an excellent product, worth a lot more than its $99.95 price. It's a must-have for any serious Newton user, and Planet Newton recommends it highly. In the category of Software Development Tools, it's the Best On The Planet.

Go buy this product."


If you haven't visited it yet, the Planet Newton site is a great source for Newton information.

From MacWorld Italy:
"...in the last days I have seen NewtCard at work, and I almost had a stroke! It is HyperCard, with the same cards and the same icons, plus all the objects of the Newton interface. I was downtown, standing on the road, and by magic I had the perfect HyperCard virtual machine in the palm of my hand. It was like a vision of the future..."
(Full text at http://www.maclovers.com/newton/terza.htm)

 — Gaetano "Blue" Bottazzi, MacWorld Italia

From Gecko:
"Thus it will come as no surprise when I say that this is one very cool piece of software. Going out on a limb perhaps, I will also say this very possibly could be a ground breaking software package for the Newton... Gecko Rating: 5 out of 5. A Gecko Award Winner"
(full text at http://members.aol.com/geckoweb/gecko.html)

 — Gerald Fox, in Gecko

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