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NS BASIC is a full implementation of the BASIC programming language for the Newton family. It allows rapid development of applications directly on the Newton, without needing the Newton Toolkit or a host system. Programs can be run interactively or saved as Newton packages. It also features Visual Designer, a graphical interface for laying out and customizing window objects.

Retail Price

$99.00 US (suggested). Includes DOS and Mac diskettes and manual (260 pages). Both Retail Box and Mail Order packaging can be ordered. Dealer pricing available.


NS BASIC runs on all Newton devices. Programming is done directly on the Newton or using an attached DOS, Windows or Mac system.

Markets BASIC is the worldÕs mostly widely known programming language. Nearly everyone who has done any programming in the past 30 years is familiar to it. BASIC is widely available: versions exist for almost any computer produced.

NS BASIC currently has users in over 35 countries.

For Business
Use NS BASIC to create data collection forms. Ready made window objects allow rapid development of applications which collect data from checkboxes, pop up lists, handwriting, drawings and more. Create applications that access built in information such as names and calendar entires. Use NS BASIC to exchange data through the serial and infrared ports and other communication media. Results can be graphed or exported to spreadsheets.

For Education
Basic is probably the most widely taught programming language in schools. The ability to program on the Newton makes it an excellent learning environment, as well as a good tool for school projects. It is also an easy way to learn some of the fundamentals of programming a Newton.

Personal Productivity
Port programs you are using on other systems to the Newton, and take them with you! With complete floating point and trigonometric functions, the Newton can be also turned into a powerful programmable calculator that can be used to both record and analyse data. Using the serial port, data can also be collected. Using the IR port, control remote devices.

"I love NS BASIC!!! I soon as I got it in the mail, I have been writing programs day and night to perform tasks that I have been wanting to do every since I bought my Newton. I think NS BASIC is the best program out there for the Newton." - Bill Falk, Honeywell

"This thang is great! Nice, clean presentation and specs. I WILL have it. NS BASIC sounds like it could be a "must have" in the students' standard software config. IÕm really enjoying NSB ..." -- Mark Holmes, Intromation

NS BASIC Detailed Product Specification

Data Types
Integers, Reals, Floating Point, Strings, Booleans, Arrays And Frames.

Load, Save, List, Dir, Vars, Enter, Run, Edit, Bye, Renum, Delete, Stats, Con, Replace, MakePackage, NewProgram, Tools

Rem, Let, If..then..else, Loop While/Until Goto, Gosub, On ..Goto, On..Gosub, On Error, Read, Data, Restore, Dim, Input, Cls, Print, Wait, Randomize, End, Bye, Stop, Beep, Enter, Get, Put, Del, Open, Close, Chain, Trace, HWinput, Window, Show, Hide, Wprint, makePackage, setIcon

Abs, Atn, Cos, Exp, Log, Min, Max, Sign, Sin, Sqrt, Tan, Mod, Div, Acos, Asin, Atan, Atan2, Cosh, Fabs, Fmod, Log10, Pow, Sinh, Tanh, Gamma, Hypot, Ldexp, Lgamma

Substr, StrLen, StrPos, Ord, Chr, StringToNumber, NumberString, StrCompare, BeginsWith, EndsWith, Stringer, SplitString, StrConcat, StrTruncate, Numberstr, TrimString, StringToNumber, UpCase, DownCase, Capitalize

Ticks, Time, DateNTime, StringToTime, StringToDate

MakeLine, MakeRect, MakeRoundRect, MakeOval, MakeWedge, MakePolygon, MakeText, HitShape

Annuity, Compound

ArrayPos, ArrayRemoveCount, Sort, Ceiling, Floor, Real, Random, Length, FindStringInArray, hexdump, Intern, SendIRremote, Elements


Visual Designer
Layout your forms interactively! Control all aspects of your applicationÕs appearance using a WYSIWYG editor.

File Access
File I/O statements allow the creation of new soups or the access of any of the soups which come with the Newton. Indexed (ISAM) files are supported. Integrate your own data with the Names, To Do or Calendar soups.

Windowed Output
NS BASIC allows the use of all the fonts and styles contained in the Newton for attractive, easy to read results.

NS BASIC supports user programmable buttons that can be used to create event driven applications.

Internals Access
NS BASIC gives complete access to the internal information on the Newton. It can used to browse the internals, open other applications and call routines within other applications.

Graphs Using built in drawing functions you can draw graphs and Pie Charts. Serial and IR I/O

The INPUT and PRINT statements can use the serial and infrared ports instead of the screen. Programs can then communicate to a variety of devices and systems.

Infrared Control
Control your TV, VCR and other home appliances! Internet
Email, News and web commands from within your program.

"It could be a hit within the scientific community, because many people dislike travelling with a laptop to a two-day conference, everyone has learned BASIC at some stage in their careers" - Marcello Magnasco, Rockefeller University

"I have been using NSBASIC for 4 to 5 months to demonstrate the feasibility of the device to a doctor. This is going very well, and I am very happy with NSB. I have been programming since '78, never thought I see Basic again, but this is fun." - David Whiteman, Los Angeles

Specifications based on Rev 3.5. Not all features available on Newton 1.x units. All information subject to change. Newton and MessagePad are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. All other product names used in this document are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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