NS Basic/Palm Programming Contest Results

August 4, 2000


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We're pleased to announce the results of the first NS Basic/Palm Programming Contest. It was our most popular contest ever, attracting the greatest number of entries we've seen. Some were done by professional programmers; others by people writing the first programs of their lives.

We've posted the winners and honorable mentions on our http://www.nsbasic.com/Palm/info/contestresults.html, along with screen shots. In most cases, authors posted their programs and even their source code, so you can see how they did some of the neat things in their programs. Checks for $100 are on their way to each of the winners.

The winners in the 3 categories are


MedRules by Kent Willyard, MD.
"MedRules is a simple application designed to bring evidence-based data to the bedside by providing the physician with useful clinical prediction rules taken from the medical literature. The first version of the program was developed less than one day after I installed NS BASIC. I have found NS BASIC/Palm to be an incredibly easy to use and powerful development tool, and recommend it highly." - Kent. A complete description of the program is available at: http://pbrain.hypermart.net/medrules.html The judges all agreed: the program is comprehensive, clean and easy to use with 17 separate test forms, each with its own form and calculation.


Wyzprog by Don Hinds
"Magik is a not a game. To many people it may be, but since it can work, it's dangerous to see it as a 'game'. Entertainment, in the very broadest sense maybe, but not a game." - Don. This is a reference guide to all things magik-al, with tons of reference information and great graphic design. Need to know the hex sign for finding lost treasure? It's here!


Take-A-Memo by Jeff Debrosse
This program shows how to "safely" write to the memopad in a keyed manner as well as non-keyed from NS Basic/Palm. It has some date/time formatting code as well. Jeff was the first to hack out how to access the built in Memo file from NS Basic/Palm programs.

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