NS BASIC cleans up in Palm Programming Contest!

Apps created using NS Basic for Palm garner half the Awards

In a programming contest sponsored by Palm Computing Japan and ASCII Corporation, applications created using NS Basic for Palm accounted for half the winners.

Winning entries created using NS Basic included The KEIBA, Angel Date, AmiSol2, ZPS Zing, Schedule Viewer, Memory Panic, Bamboo Manager, Gensenkum, XsClock and JyanTenKun.

The author of the winning program AmiSol2, Atsushi Mizuno, said "I could make an application for the PalmOS software contest 2001 in Japan in just one week, and I won a prize!! I want to say "Do you choose a troublesome tool or 'NS Basic'?".

"The apps entered into the contest are astonishing." said George Henne, President of NS BASIC Corporation. "NS Basic is powerful and easy to use, making it good for anything from games to serious business applications."

The winning apps can be downloaded from the contest results page at http://download.desk.ne.jp/palmcontest/index.html

NS Basic allows developers who have programmed with tools such as Visual Basic to use their experience to rapidly develop applications for the Palm OS devices. NS Basic is a complete, powerful development environment enabling the development of applications with a true Palm look and feel. NS Basic includes features such as databases, serial and IR communications, signature capture and more.


NS Basic/Palm is one of the most widely used Palm OS development tools. NS BASIC Corporation has been a leading creator of development tools for handheld devices since 1993. More than 14,000 developers in over 60 countries use NS BASIC's tools for Palm OS, Windows CE and Newton.