NS BASIC announces Palm OS 5.0 compatibility!

Developers can take advantage of new OS immediately

March 12, 2002 -- NS BASIC Corporation is pleased to announce that NS Basic for Palm OS is compatible with the beta version of Palm OS 5, announced today. Developers using NS Basic for Palm OS will be able to write programs that will run on the new operating system right away.

Backwards compatibility has been preserved. Programs that run on Palm OS 5 based devices will also run on Palm OS 3 and 4 based devices without change, so long as they do not use features unique to Palm OS 5. Most existing apps written using NS Basic for Palm OS apps will run on Palm OS 5 based devices with no changes.

"We're happy to be among the first companies to be Palm OS 5 ready," said George Henne, President of NS BASIC Corporation. "But we're really thrilled that we managed to do so while preserving our client's investment in their code. We expect Palm OS 5 to open many new doors for Palm OS based devices and our customers."

Compatibility is built into the current shipping version of NS Basic for Palm OS, starting with NS Basic for Palm OS Version 2.1. Current users of NS Basic for Palm OS who have Version 2.0 can get the new version for free. An upgrade is available for 1.x users for just $49.95 USD.

"We're pleased that NS BASIC is supporting Palm OS 5," said Maurice Sharp, manager, worldwide developer program, Palm, Inc. "NS Basic's ease of use and power make it a natural for applications for the enterprise as well as for individual programmers."

More about NS Basic for Palm OS

NS Basic allows developers who have programmed with tools such as Visual Basic to use their experience to rapidly develop applications for Palm OS 5 based devices. NS Basic is a complete, powerful development environment for Palm OS applications. NS Basic includes features such as databases, serial and IR communications, signature capture and more.


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