NS BASIC announces Net Library for Palm OS!

Developing Net-aware apps made simple.

April 24, 2002 -- NS BASIC Corporation is pleased to announce the availablilty of TcpIPLib. This shared library adds easy to use net connectivity functions to NS Basic for Palm, bringing the ability to write net aware applications to all programmers.

The library includes a comprehensive Tech Note which introduces the basic principles of net programming. It is intended to give programmers who have never done net programming before enough information to write their first application.

Sample code included with the new library includes

TcpIpLib includes the full source for the library itself, as well as the source code for a desktop Visual Basic server. Shared libraries bring additional functionality to NS Basic for Palm. They can be developed using off the shelf development environments, such as Codewarrior or the freeware PRC-Tools. The desktop server program can easily be extended to do database and other functions using standard Microsoft and third party tools.

Full details and download information are in Tech Note 18 at http://www.nsbasic.com/palm/info/technotes/TN18.htm. If you do not currently have NS Basic, you can download a demo (that will work with the new library) from http://www.nsbasic.com/pub/palm/updates/NsbasicDemo.exe.

TcpIpLib will run on any net-enabled Palm OS device, including Ethernet, 802.11b or wireless connection. It also runs on the Palm OS Emulator (POSE), allowing the development and testing of NS Basic net apps completely on the desktop, without a device. A working version of POSE is included with NS Basic for Palm, as well as with the demo.

TcpIpLib is no charge to existing NS Basic for Palm users.

More about NS Basic for Palm OS

NS Basic allows developers who have programmed with tools such as Visual Basic to use their experience to rapidly develop applications for Palm OS based devices. NS Basic is a complete, powerful development environment, with features such as databases, serial and IR communications, bar code and signature capture and more. NS Basic is widely used in the enterprise as well as by individual developers. The complete development environment sells for $149.95 USD.


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