NS Basic for Palm
Programming Contest 4 Results

March 17, 2003

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NS BASIC Corporation is pleased to announce the results of the fourth NS Basic for Palm Programming Contest. Once again, the entries in our latest contest are better than ever. Each program uses a variety of techniques to make it a high quality Palm application. In addition, a lot of new ideas were brought in the contest. We believe this is due to NS Basic's ease of use -- it allows developers quickly transform their ideas into real programs.

We've posted the winners and honorable mentions at http://www.nsbasic.com/palm/info/contest4, along with screen shots. In most cases, authors posted their programs and even their source code, so you can see how they did some of the neat things in their programs. Checks for $100 are on their way to each of the winners. The judging was close in almost all categories: all the entries deserve congratulations.

The winners in each category are:


Andromeda Match Game by Blaine Leckett
Like the Game of concentration, you match up identical symbols. Matched symbols will then be removed from the playing area. Once all the symbols are removed, the game is over.

Judge's Comments: Stunning graphics and sound. This looks and feels as good as any game for Palm. It's intuitive to use, can be played in English or Japanese. It's a jewel.


TravelDictionary2 by Toshiro Takeuchi
This is a dictionary program for travelers. Categorized convenient sentences help travelers in any situations. The data is editable.

Judge's Comments: Nicely categorized. Good use of graphics. A must-have item for Japanese tourists. Great improvement from last year's first version.


Fretboard Mastery by Jana Software
Fretboard Mastery is a Palm OS tool to help you master the guitar fretboard, quickly and with the minimum of effort. Get to know every note on every string - instantly, without thinking or hesitation!

Judge's Comments: Even the judges thought they could learn to play the guitar from this nicely done, easy to use program. It teaches how to use a guitar fretboard in a clear, easy to use format.

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