NS Basic for Palm
Programming Contest 5 Results

April 21, 2004

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NS BASIC Corporation is pleased to announce the results of the Fifth NS Basic for Palm Programming Contest. Once again, the entries in our latest contest are better than ever. Each program uses a variety of techniques to make it a high quality Palm application. In addition, a lot of new ideas were brought in the contest. We believe this is due to NS Basic's ease of use -- it allows developers quickly transform their ideas into real programs.

We've posted the winners and honorable mentions at http://www.nsbasic.com/palm/info/contest5, along with screen shots. In most cases, authors posted their programs and even their source code, so you can see how they did some of the neat things in their programs. Checks for $100 are on their way to each of the winners. The judging was close in almost all categories: all the entries deserve congratulations.

The winners in each category are:


HandEvent by John Malvey
HandEvent is a service that lets conference and tradeshow managers provide conference material to their attendees on the their Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).

Judge's Comments: This could be very handy for exhibition visitors. Well prepared features and the program could easily thrive by working with different exhibitions.


ProgBull by mizuno-ami
The objective of this game is to move two rocks to the goal by operating a bulldozer. However, instead of directly operating it, the player programs the bulldozer's moves.

Judge's Comments: It's an interesting game. You will get satisfaction when your job is done and you get your commission. The translations are not great, but the graphics are.


mo:Blog by Johan Van den Brande
mo:Blog is a mobile blogging tool for PalmOS devices. With mo:Blog you can post new messages to most blogging applications. It allows you to upload binary files - like images - to blogs that support this.

Judge's Comments: Clean look and well executed features. Great handy tool for personal and professional use. Ideal with wireless connection.

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