NS BASIC 2005 Programming Contest Results!

Winners selected for NS Basic/CE and NS Basic/Palm

May 17, 2005 -- NS BASIC Corporation today announced the winners of its 2005 Programming Contest. This year, there were a wide variety of entries from developers all over the world. You can view the complete list of entries here:
NS Basic/CE: http://www.nsbasic.com/ce/info/contest3/
NS Basic/Palm: http://www.nsbasic.com/palm/info/contest6/

The winners are:

NS Basic/CE

HandCoin by John Malvey (USA). If you collect coins, HandCoin is a must. With HandCoin, you can view your portfolio at a glance, track detail information about your coins and even maintain a wish list of coins you want to purchase. HandCoin also allows you change the items within the different categories allowing you maximum flexibility to add new types of coins as they're introduced or create your own category! HandCoin comes with categories for most of the modern U.S. coins. But with the ability to change the category items, you can use it for any country's coins!

NS Basic/Palm - Enterprise

Expresso by Kevin Sheng (Canada). This Palm PDA application takes ResQ's order entry, delivery, invoicing and printing capabilities on a synchronized road tour for a Coffee Delivery Company. It works together with Open Solutions' enterprise software ResQ.

NS Basic/Palm - Games

StarTruck by inormo (Japan). Your mission is to deliver packages to planets far away. A simulation game.

NS Basic/Palm - Open

Magic Piano by Gheorghi Tcherkin (Bulgaria). A unique program, which allows you to play, compose and listen to melodies. It features: Digital Samples from a Real Grand Piano, 3D Rendered Piano Keyboard with smooth movements of the keys, Smart Classical Notation, Full Database Functionality - Saving and Loading.

More about NS Basic

NS Basic allows developers who program with tools such as Visual Basic to use their experience to develop applications for handheld devices. NS Basic is a complete, powerful environment enabling the development of applications for the enterprise, business, personal productivity and eduction. It includes features such as databases, net, serial and IR communications, signature capture and more.

Applications developed with NS Basic are distributed royalty free. NS Basic costs $149.95 for a single user. Enterprise licenses are also available. The toolkit allows development on Windows 98SE, 2000 and Windows XP.

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