NS BASIC Announces Upgrades to NS Basic/Palm 5.0

Specials make it easy for existing users to upgrade

July 19, 2005 - NS BASIC Corporation announced today the immediate availability of NS Basic/Palm 5.0. Major new features include an integrated debugger, code completion and new shared libraries, including support for Palm's new LifeDrive.

"The enhancements in NS Basic/Palm 5 will make it easier for developers to code and test their applications", said George Henne, President of NS BASIC Corporation. "The new LifeDrive library allows developers to easily add multimedia features to their applications for these devices."

Existing NS Basic programs are upwardly compatible with the new version.

Upgrades for existing users start at $49.95 USD. A new copy of the 150 page hardcopy Handbook with the Upgrade is $69.95, a savings of $10.00. The best deal is the Upgrade, Handbook and Michael Verive's book "NS Basic Programming for Palm OS" for $99.95, for a savings of $20.00.

Upgrades can be ordered at http://www.nsbasic.com/orderupgrade.shtml.

Registered users who bought after June 1, 2005 will get the upgrade for free. Emails will be automatically sent in the next few days to those eligible for the free upgrade.

Here is what has been added in 5.0:

  1. New Runtime Debugger.
  2. Code Hints - see args to functions as you type.
  3. Code Completion - see members of objects as you type.
  4. Auto Indent - code automatically indents as you type.
  5. Code drag and drop supported in Code Window.
  6. Automatic brace matching - keep your parenthesis matched!
  7. Horizontal line dividers between subs and funcs.
  8. Left, top, width, height of objects can be changed at runtime.
  9. New Slider control.
  10. New Shared Library: DBLib for databases.
  11. New Shared Library: DevInfoLib for device info.
  12. New Shared Library: DocLib.
  13. New Shared Library: DocReaderLib for DOC reading.
  14. New Shared Library: NSBLifeDrive for multimedia.
  15. Shared libs, SysTrap functions now support arrays (and nulls!)
  16. New Grid.FontMatrix(row,col) function.
  17. F1 brings up the Language Reference help file.

There are also documentation updates, new samples and bug fixes.

More about NS Basic

NS Basic allows developers who program with tools such as Visual Basic to use their experience to create applications for handheld devices. NS Basic is a complete, powerful environment enabling the development of applications for the enterprise, business, personal productivity and education. It includes features such as databases, net, serial and IR communications, signature capture and more.

Applications developed with NS Basic are distributed royalty free. NS Basic costs $149.95 for a single user. Enterprise licenses are also available. The toolkit allows development on Windows 98SE, 2000 and Windows XP.

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