NS Basic/Palm 7.0 released!

Features include UI Improvements, fixes and more

February 03, 2009 -- NS BASIC Corporation announced today that NS Basic/Palm 7.0 is shipping. It features an improved user interface for applications, a pdf version of a popular book on NS Basic/Palm, new tutorials, samples, technotes and more.

NS Basic/Palm has a VB like look and feel, making it the easiest way to develop apps for Treo, Centro and other Palm OS devices. Major features of the new release are:

                    Sample of a gradient bitmap and buttons

"This new release allows developers give their apps a clean, modern look and feel." said George Henne, President of NS BASIC. "Furthermore, since apps can run virtually unchanged using NS Basic/Symbian OS, developers now have an easy way to run their apps on Nokia smartphones as well."

NS Basic/Palm is complete standalone development tool, featuring:

The product includes an IDE (Interactive Development Environment) with a graphic design screen, powerful code editor, compiler and installer generator. It is a complete development environment with a total download of about 14 megs. No additional SDKs are needed. Tutorials and online help make it easy to get started quickly.

Pricing and Availability

Applications developed with NS Basic/Palm are distributed royalty free. NS Basic/Palm 7.0 costs $149.95 USD for a single user. The toolkit runs on Windows 2000, XP and Vista. The product is available immediately from the company's website.

Existing users can upgrade to the new release for a discounted price. Registered users of NS Basic/Palm can also purchase NS Basic/Symbian OS at a discount.

About NS BASIC Corporation

NS BASIC Corporation has been a leading creator of development tools for handheld devices since 1993. More than 15,000 developers in over 60 countries use NS BASIC's tools to develop apps for business, enterprise, education, government and personal use.


Web: http://www.nsbasic.com/symbian
Video: http://www.nsbasic.com/symbian/info/helloworldvideo.html
Tour: http://www.nsbasic.com/symbian/info/technotes/TT01.htm
FAQ: http://www.nsbasic.com/symbian/info/faq.html
Demo: http://www.nsbasic.com/symbian/info/demo.html
Specifications: http://www.nsbasic.com/symbian/info/Specifications.html

For more information, please contact us at info@nsbasic.com.