NS Basic Programming for Palm OS

Written by Michael J. Verive
Published by The Eastwood Group
ISBN 0-9695844-6-6
Price $39.95 USD

Palm OS powered devices have been a phenomenal success, with millions being sold each year. NS Basic for Palm is a development tool that lets people who use the world’s most popular programming language easily create applications for these devices. It is one of the most popular development tools for the Palm Platform, being used to create applications for business large and small, education, government, as well as personal users who want to create a special application or garme.

NS Basic Programming for Palm OS provides a complete guide to developing applications for the Palm Computing platform using Basic. The book shows beginning to intermediate programmers how to design and build a Palm application from the ground up. Palm objects, forms and databases are all explained in detail. User Interface issues are discussed, as well as sharing information with the desktop.

If you have never worked with forms and objects before, or if you come from an older version of Basic, NS Basic Programming for Palm OS will teach you about these powerful concepts and how to use them easily and effectively. Programmers coming from other languages will also find this book makes the transition easy. Some of the major topics covered are

NS Basic Programming for Palm OS includes full source code for all samples in the book, plus extras.

NS Basic Programming for Palm OS promises to be an indispensable asset for those learning and using NS Basic for Palm to produce effective, real world applications.

Michael Verive, MD is a former scientist, currently practicing as a Pediatric Critical Care physician. He’s programmed computers of every shape and size since the 70's, in 24 programming languages.. He finds the Palm devices to be indispensable in medicine as well as routine daily life, and decided to master their programming, recycling thousands of lines of code from prior projects.

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