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NS Basic/Symbian OS


NS Basic/Symbian OS is no longer being marketed.

NS Basic/Symbian OS

is a complete, powerful development environment. Write your BASIC program on the desktop, then download it to your device to run it.
  • Supports Symbian S60 3rd & 5th Edition and UIQ3 devices
  • Easy to use, standard and structured BASIC
  • Produces standard, signed Installers
  • Code Completion
  • Over a dozen standard objects
  • Create buttons, fields, popups, menus and more
  • Math and trigonometric function support
  • TCP/IP, RFCOMM and IrDA support
  • Integrated Project Builder
  • Built in indexed database support
  • Lots of sample code, tutorials and tech notes
  • 150+ page Handbook
"I like the speed of loading and display... it's just as fast (if not faster) on my Nokia N95 than my Palm T5!" - WZ Sun

"Good impressions, great work. I've used some large nsbasic palm projects and all works fine." -- Avv. Fabrizio Cesare

Product News

NS Basic/Symbian OS no longer available.
We will continue to support our existing users by keeping the NS Basic/Symbian pages available on our website.

NS Basic/Symbian OS Version 1.2 released
Adds over a dozen new features and fixes, including BlueTooth and IrDA comms.

NS Basic/Symbian OS Web Board!
Want to get the latest news and discussion? It's posted to our web forum first.

NS Basic/Symbian OS Benchmarks
Early results show good performance. Read the full results.

NS Basic/Symbian OS FAQ
Read Frequently Asked Questions about NS Basic/Symbian OS

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See the complete list of statements, functions, datatypes and objects that NS Basic/Symbian OS supports.

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