NS Basic/CE Programming Contest Results

February 27, 2000

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We're pleased to announce the results of the first NS Basic/CE Programming Contest.

Results have come in from all over the world: Entries came from 6 different countries on 4 continents. There was a wide variety of entries. Some were done by professional programmers; others by people just writing the first programs of their lives.

We've posted the winners and honorable mentions in the Downloads section of our website. In most cases, authors posted their source code, so you can see how they did some of the neat things in their programs.

We were just going to announce the winners, but some of the other entries were good enough to deserve special mention as well.


Winner: Oxford (Part2), by Alex Yakhnin, USA. This simple to use and elegant program provides a lookup of about 50,000 words in the Oxford Dictionary, plus 10,000 words in the Oxford Thesaurus. What a handy tool to have with you all the time!

Honorable Mention: Millenum, by Zeev Herschu, Israel. This is a fully functional advanced calculator: it does compex numbers, statistical calculations and even linear regression. Serious stuff!


Winner: PalmCD, by Jose Merhi, Venezuela. A very neatly put together program to organize your CD collection. Keep track of individual cuts on albumns, and sort your CD collection. Good use of database operations!

Honorable Mention: CEExplorer, by Borut Lunder, Slovenia. A complete file system explorer for CE, written in NS Basic/CE. Besides being handy, it also uses some advanced features of NS Basic/CE very nicely.

Honorable Mention: NSAssist, by Franco Epifani, Italy. A helper app for NS Basic/CE programmers. It creates code segments that can be pasted into your program for message boxes and objects. It also has an archive of NS Basic/CE keywords and messages. Speeds up programming!

Honorable Mention: NSBTerm, by Mark Delker, USA. This is a simple text communication program that runs over an RS 232 port. It's a good example of how to do serial communications from NS Basic/CE.


Hangman, by Daniel Meineck, England. The classic game of Hangman. Guess letters and watch the scaffold build. A great way to get through those long meetings!

NS Basic/CE is a complete BASIC development environment that runs completely on a Windows CE device. It features a Visual Designer, serial, file and web I/O, financial and scientific functions and much more. It's easy to use, and comes with a 200 page Handbook as well as lots of sample code.

NS Basic/CE runs on all HPC/Pro devices; HPC devices with Windows CE 2.0 and palm-size PC devices running Windows CE 2.11. List price is $99.95 USD.



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