NS Basic/CE Programming Contest 3 Results

May 16, 2005

Here is the result of NS Basic/CE Programming Contest 3. All entries are excellent applications and they can add extra values to your PocketPC device. Congratulations to all the entrants! Due to the number of entries, we combined the groups.



HandCoin by John Malvey
If you collect coins, HandCoin is a must. With HandCoin, you can view your portfolio at a glance, track detail information about your coins and even maintain a wish list of coins you want to purchase. HandCoin also allows you change the items within the different categories allowing you maximum flexibility to add new types of coins as they're introduced or create your own category! HandCoin comes with categories for most of the modern U.S. coins. But with the ability to change the category items, you can use it for any country's coins!

Judge's Comments: Well organized screen layout. It can be more fun for collectors to organize collectibles with this tool.



Other Entries

BEFSketch by Barrie Frost
I wrote this program using NSBASIC for doing simple sketches or drawings on my HP IPAQ 2210.

If you want to produce a high quality picture or drawing then my advice would be to do it on a PC and not on a Handheld device. However, this program should help you to produce a small picture, a map or a diagram etc. while on the move.

In order to use this program you must have registered the S309 Picture Box control on your Pocket PC.

Judge's Comments: It provides quite extensive functionality for various drawings. Easy to create bitmap images.


Burnt Pixel Detector by Bob Katayama
This program is designed to scan through various screen colours to detect if any pixels are not showing it's proper colour. If certain colours are not visible, this can indicate that the screen is damaged or defective. Great program to run for new owners to verify the integrity of the PDA purchased. Also useful for users that have accidentally dropped or damaged their unit.

Judge's Comments: Neat application. Nice idea to help many PocketPC device owners.

NSToday by Atsushi Shimoe
The application is to record daily events. It allows you to input data quickly and output data in text file. If your device is connected to the internet, you can send data by email. The source code is available at its website.

Judge's Comments: Simple, clean application.



MPE by Pascal, Plaga Lemanski
If like me you have no time to develope at home or at the office! this is exactly what you need. It has exclusively be written in the train, metro, or... MPE is a program that will provide you a smart environment to develope in NSbasic on your WinCE device. It is written in NSB! the generated files are text files that you can get and excute directly from NSB You will still need to run your program from NSB, but I do it now since few time, and it is really not an issue.

Judge's Comments: Could not run properly.