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NS Basic/Desktop


This product has been retired.

"...easy to use and fairly robust in basic programming. The runtime is quite brisk and responsive." - W.J. Weiser, beta tester

"...it looks like a great product." - Michael Verive, beta tester

"Excellent IDE" - Tim Markowski, beta tester

"A real alternative for those who are overwhelmed by VB.NET!"

"We've been building some of the best dev tools anywhere for handheld devices for over a decade. It was time to see what we could do for desktop apps." George Henne, NS BASIC Corporation

Major Features

Develop what you want!
NS Basic/Desktop makes it easy to create great apps - see the screenshots!

Turn your VBScript into .exe files!
It's easy to convert your VBScript files (.vbs) into standalone exe files, while making them more powerful.

NS Basic/Desktop links to Pocket PC and Palm devices
NS Basic/Desktop makes it easy to share data with Windows CE, Pocket PC and Palm OS devices.

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