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March 1, 1998
     NS BASIC responds to Newton Cancellation

December 10, 1997
     NS Basic releases NewtCard 1.0.

September 22, 1997
     NS BASIC Corporation announced today the availability of site licences for educational institutions.

September 8, 1997
     NS BASIC Corporation is now shipping two new textbooks to aid in teaching NS BASIC on the Apple eMate 300.

March 15, 1997
     NS BASIC Corporation demonstrated today how NS BASIC can be used to play movies on Newton devices, including the MessagePad 2000 and eMate 300.

March 14, 1997
     NS BASIC Corporation announced that is shipping NS BASIC 3.60, with full support for the new Apple eMate 300, with capabilities specifically designed to make NS BASIC an exciting teaching tool.

October 28, 1996
     NS BASIC Corporation announced full support today for the new Apple MessagePad 2000 and eMate 300

November 9, 1995
     NS BASIC Corporation announced today the availability of Release 3.0 of NS BASIC, which takes full advantage of the new capabilities of Newton 2.0.

August 21, 1995
     NS BASIC Corporation announces the availability of Release 2.50 of NS BASIC, dramatically increasing program performance!

January 2, 1995
     NS BASIC Corporation announced the availability of Release 2.00 of NS BASIC.

October 11, 1994
     NS BASIC Corporation announced that release 1.10 of NS BASIC is shipping.

July 1, 1994
     NS BASIC for the Newton is announced!

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