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NS Basic/Newton
Special Offer for NS Basic/Newton Users
With the announcement of NS Basic for Palm and Windows CE devices, we haven't forgotten the Newton. We have a special price of $99.95 for registered users of NS Basic/Newton when they buy NS Basic/CE or Palm. (Save $50.00!) And of course, we will continue to sell and support NS Basic for the Newton - it's a great product.

Product News

Meet The Winners
The NewtCard Stack Design contest has been judged and the results are in. Read about the stacks and then go to the downloads page to try them out for yourself.

Software Updates
NewtCard Updater 1.01, and NS Basic Updater 3.61 are availabile from the downloads page.

"I received NS BASIC last Friday and I am very impressed with this product." -- Bertram Zinner, February 2003

Info For Educators
If you use the Newton as an instructional device in the classroom you should check out our Educators section. We detail the depth of control that Basic gives in both NSBasic and NewtCard.
NewtCard is a Gecko Award Winner!
The February 1998 issue of Gecko reviews NewtCard. We were given the highest rating: 5 of 5 geckos. Read the review in our Kudos and Reviews section.
NewtCard gets all A's!
Planet Newton recently reviewed NewtCard, and the comments are quite complimentary. Check out our reviews page for more info.
NewtCard Demo available for public Download
Have you wanted to "try before you buy"? Well now you can now download the NewtCard player and Tour stack from our FTP site.
Press Releases
Read what we tell the press.
Tech Notes
More than forty tips, tricks, and sample code from us and our users.
Download Info
Here's where we keep all of our file updates, and what not. Free for your use.
NS Basic
From FAQ's to tutorials, if you've got questions about the NSBasic application check here.
Newt Card
All you'd ever want to know (or how to find out) about Newt Card.
Apple Manuals
Download copies of all of Apple's Newton manuals.

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