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"The easiest way to learn visual programming."

Visual programming has taken the software development world by storm. Unfortunately, most visual programming environments are geared to the professional programmer, not the beginner. With NS BASIC, you can start with a traditional environment and move to a visual one once the basic concepts of programming have been mastered.

"More students complete the course work when learning BASIC than Pascal or C++"

Idaho State University found that 60% more beginning students completed their course work when being taught Visual BASIC rather than Pascal or C++.

"Fun and immediate results are the key ingredients that keep new programmers interested."

Interactive programming languages with graphics give the student immediate feedback and encourage them to keep working. NS BASIC is designed to make programming fun!

"We try to force them past the 'ransom note phase' and get them into real code quickly; however, the 'neat junk' you can do keeps them in the game."

When students first start programming, they often become bewildered by error messages and syntax. This often stops them learning the intended problem solving skills. NS BASIC provides an easy to learn syntax, good error messages and lots of opportunities for the student to improve his skills.

"The students know they're learning a language that is used in the real world."

BASIC is the most widely used language for new development these days, from embedded microcontrollers to business applications in Visual BASIC to macros in spreadsheets.

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