NS BASIC Tech Notes

These are a number of technical notes about NS BASIC. As additional technotes are released, they will be added.

1. How to control an Infrared remote device
2. How to dump all your notes to the serial port
3. How to get the name of a key of a data file
4. NS BASIC and Graffiti
5. NS BASIC and MoreInfo
6. How to do multi-dimensional arrays
7. How to attach a picture to an entry in Names
8. How to turn NS BASIC into a button on the screen
9. How to do bit manipulation
10. How to turn Notes into Programs
11. How to use makePict()
12. How to Dial using NS BASIC
13. NS BASIC and Kanji (and other languages)
14. How to download a Names file
15. How to send email from NS BASIC
16. How to put away items from the In Box from NS BASIC
17. How to find lattitude and longitude
18. Where does memory go?
19. FormattedNumberStr()
20. LISTRUN and Import (2.5)
21. Some Undocumented Functions
22. MessagePad 130 Performance and special functions
23.Uploading Packages
24. Using Endpoints with NSBASIC
25. NS BASIC goes Poof!
26. How to make a quick Note
27. How to connect from Windows 95
28. Hardware Tidbits
29. How to access NewtonPress
30. Benchmarks on MP 110 through MP 2000
31. Widgets By Hand, a detailed example
32. Serial Input/Output
33. Accessing and Using Other Files, Data, and Applications
34. BASIC Internet Enabler (BIT)
35. Using PICKER widgets to create buttons that display menus
36. The Basics of Communications
37. How to use the Sound Registry
38. How to show Quicktime Movies
39. Proper use of SETVALUE
40. How to use Scroll Buttons
41. How to format numbers
42. New Features in OS 2.1
43. Using Mathlib from Prism Research
44. How to print Multi Page Reports
45. How to use the Clipboard
46. How to control draggable widgets
How to make a PC-Newton Cable

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