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NS Basic/CE Overview
See what NS Basic/CE is all about!

What commands, statements, functions and objects does NS Basic/CE have?

Enhancement History
See all the changes that have been made in the past few releases!

NS Basic/CE Device IDE Tour
See how easy it is to write a program using NS Basic/CE directly on a device. There's more here!

NS Basic/CE Desktop IDE Tour
You don't have to write your program on the device itself. The NS Basic/CE Desktop gives you a richer and more powerfui interface on the desktop and lets you download it.

Get answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions!

eVB - NS Basic/CE Comparison
See how NS Basic/CE compares to eMbedded Visual Basic.

Release Notes
Read the latest Release Notes for NS Basic/CE!

Press Releases
Read what we tell the press.

Read what reviewers of the product have to say!

Find out what people are saying about us!

Learn how to do common activities using NS Basic/CE!

Tech Notes
In depth articles on a variety of topic and techniques.

List of Intrinsic and Third Party Controls
Check out this collection of powerful extensions to NS Basic/CE!

NS Basic Corporation has wrapped up its 7th Programming Contest. Thanks to all who entered!

What is the state of the art in NS Basic programing? See the entries in the NS Basic/Palm Programming contests!

Contest Results

Interview with the creator of C++
Wondering what drove us to create NS Basic/CE? Check out this interview with the creater of C++. (Note: we're not sure of the original source of this, and no, we don't take it seriously.)



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